Work experience

West Hull Fm has been part of my life for almost a year know but i have never had the courage to take the mic myself. After attending the monthly meeting last night regarding the general direction of the station i have acquired a show of my own.

The opportunity came as a result of my suggestion that we (West Hull Fm) attend and report on cultural events throughout the city, covering some of the may events happening within our area. The reason been it will increase our presence within the area, and offer an alternative to many wonderful music shows. As a result i was asked to develop and front the show.

Over the next week or two ideas for the format will be developed and a plan made of local events such a plays, music events, gallery openings to name a few. The aim is to interview people involved i the events and give a overview of whats people can expect from it. I will also be promoting up and coming events to allow people to book a space in their diary.

The day and time of broadcast is yet to be confirmed as it is hoped we will be able to have live interactions in the studio. To support the show the reviews, interviews and listings of events will be uploading onto a blog i will be creating. This blog will in addition contribute to the Creative Futures Web module.


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