Infographics 22/9/16

Infographics are used as a powerful visual aid used to convey information in a way that is eye catching way. They make results easy to understand, allowing comparisons to be clearly defined.

They draw the eye to an article or tweet. Tweets with illustration on average receive 150% more interactions than those with just text.

The article below was taken from BBC news website on 27/9/16 reporting on Student Debt in Wales. The infographic clearly shows the difference between tuition fees and maintenance loans over a five year period. This demonstrates how infographics can be used within news articles.





In contrast the infographic below is a pro and con list for the most popular social media sites available.


The boldness of colours and clean layout allows people at a glance to see the main features of the site/app. The listing format allows easy comparisons to be made.

There are many free to use infographic generators such as The use of websites such as these are becoming or important. Society moves at such a fast pace, people want information which is quick and simple to process with the option at looking further and more in depth if they wish to.





week 2 photos


Taken in queens gardens on 26th Sept 2016

The first thing that appealed to me was the bright colours and new growth of the flowers, in contrast to the withered dead leaf’s below.

I feel the contrast in colour adds depth to the photo, whilst the surrounding leaf’s almost act as a frame.


Taken  in Queens Gardens 26th September 2016

The shape of the tree struck me with its cascading leaf’s and long extending branches. there is something almost magical when you stand under and look at the sky. The leading line of the tree trunk guides your eye to the branches, leaves and the sky beyond. The contrast between the dark of the tree and the light of the sky adds interest and depth.




Taken Queens Gardens 26th September 2016

This shot was chosen due to the symmetry of the tree in the centre of the shot. This is amplified with the addition of the three benches lined behind the tree. The rule of thirds has been followed with the wall clearly defining the  lower third. There is also a vertical background definition between the building and skyline.

Photography – Composition

The theme of this weeks lesson is the composition of photographs. This is something i knew very little about. It explains the foundations of what makes a good photo and what draws in the eye.

Rule of 3rds

  • Never place the focal image in the center of the picture
  • when shooting landscape pictures there should never be a 50:50 split between the land and sky, ideal is 2:1
  • Balance the main image with a lesser image

Leading line’s 

  • The line’s that guide through an image
  • They take you on a journey


  • using objects in the fore and background


  • When the image has symmetrical or mirroring of an image
  • The whole image, or a feature of the image such as a building or trees


  • A natural framing of the subject with trees buildings or other elements

Golden Triangle

  • It is said that most shots consist of 3 triangles, the joining point is the subject of the picture