Infographics 22/9/16

Infographics are used as a powerful visual aid used to convey information in a way that is eye catching way. They make results easy to understand, allowing comparisons to be clearly defined.

They draw the eye to an article or tweet. Tweets with illustration on average receive 150% more interactions than those with just text.

The article below was taken from BBC news website on 27/9/16 reporting on Student Debt in Wales. The infographic clearly shows the difference between tuition fees and maintenance loans over a five year period. This demonstrates how infographics can be used within news articles.





In contrast the infographic below is a pro and con list for the most popular social media sites available.


The boldness of colours and clean layout allows people at a glance to see the main features of the site/app. The listing format allows easy comparisons to be made.

There are many free to use infographic generators such as The use of websites such as these are becoming or important. Society moves at such a fast pace, people want information which is quick and simple to process with the option at looking further and more in depth if they wish to.






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