Immersive Web Experiences

For most companies their websites are the first impression a customer has of the company. Competition is increasing daily so the importance for making the web experience eye catching ` and inspiring is vital.

I have been looking at websites which offer different services that inform, inspire and offer a service.

The most appealing websites are tailor made to apply to suit the target demographic. Every detail is considered from the colours, the fonts, the navigation and sound effects.

Below i have listed my four favourite.


Flight radar 24

Flight radar 24 is real time flight tracker. With whole world coverage it is possible to track the entire flight from one destination to the other. Each flight is represented by a plane, when the pointer is placed over the moving plane its number is displayed.

Whilst in comparison to some sites it may seem simple, however there is something remarkable at seeing the quantity of aircraft in the global skies.


JoHo’s Beans

JoHo’s web page is stunning. From the moment the site appears you are immersed in film footage of the Brazilian coffee bean growers, the lush greenery and landscapes. The site has a film which allows you to follow the coffee bean from the berry on plant, through the picking, and roasting.



Red Collar Digital Agency

The Red Collar site is a light clean website showcasing their global work. The writing is minimal with a focus on letting their work shine.

The moving visual on the home page showing moving clouds over snow topped mountains gives a fresh feel. throughout the back ground colours are very light in shades of off white, ensuring the focus remains on what they can do.



Wirewax allows users to create a truly immersive web experience. This site allows users to add hotspots to video footage. The hotspots give further information on the subject to which it attached. For example in Hull we have the cream phone boxes. A hotspot can be attached and  give a history of why we have them.

The website itself is clean and gives a clear outline of what is possible.