Social Media

Linked In

Though Linked In is part ‘social media’ it is in reality a way of professional association, networking and career development.

It serves  as means to allow former, current colleges and people of similar interests to share news, innovations and possible future positions.

Keeping you profile up to date is important as this is quickly becoming as if not more important than a CV.



Instagram is a photo sharing website which uses # tags to allow photos to become searchable. Using key word such as the subject matter, location, colours, features and emotions widens the potential.

When looking for a news story searching for example #Hullcitycentre will bring all related pictures to view. Owners of pictures can be followed.

Companies use Instagram as a way of promoting what they do, or giving taster of what they are doing.



Snap Chat is a multimedia app, primarily for use with Picture of Video format. Via the discovery tab it is possible to keep up to date with news including up to the min photos.

Within the Stories section you can click on tiles for stories from companies such as buzzfeed or Mail Online.


With both Instagram and Snapchat it is possible to find/contact the owners of images and ask permission to use if needed.

They give an instant insight into what journalists are working on at any one time. This creates interest. In addition allows people may also offer additional information or future story opportunities


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