Propaganda is designed to lead people in a specific direction, this could be in actions beliefs or mind set.

It imposes the ideology of the person or group involved. This may be someone with a maverick agenda or as in the news at the moment the political parties in America

The American Presidential Elections are full of propaganda.


Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for US President. His slogan is Make America Great Again.

Something about this slogan makes everyday Americans ask questions of themselves like ‘when did we ever stop being great?’ There is something within the culture of all countries that make us proud of who we are, and where we come from. When someone makes us question that, especially someone as influential as the presidential nominee, there is almost a call to arms. That one line has got under the skin of so many people who have been blinkered by the ideology of a celebrity, by someone who knows how to play the media and is a heavy weight in the business world, that they believe they need to claim back their country.