When producing any document or publication its vital to think about Typography.

Typography is,as the name suggests looks into the way in which text is produced and organised.


The main things to consider are:

  • Legibility –  can the reader easily read whats in front of them.
  • Leading – this is the gaping between lines of text. The closer the lines the more difficult it can be for people to read. A general rule of thumb is to add 2 points to the size of the font for printed work and 4 points for digital.graphics-1

The example above highlights this point.

  • Kerning – In contrast to leading, kerning is the spacing between the individual letters and words within the sentence. The example below is how not to do it.


The letters are far to close together, making it almost impossible to read


The above example shows a clear difference between the good and bad.

Typography forms an integral part of a companies identify. Hundreds of man hours,and, thousands of pounds are spent on a developing a companies branding. Consistency and exacting standards are only kept are by laying down clear guidelines. The guidelines include font type, size, spacing, colour. Even the spacing round around the wording and pictures are important.

The perfect example of this is the company Love to Shop. The link below is the document that must be followed.





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