Social Media Analysis Tools

Follower Wonk

Follower Wonk allows users to find bio’s of new customers, friends or talent. It also allows the comparison between your own account and those of competitors or others in the same field.

The analysis tools allows you to break followers into section such as most active accounts, dormant accounts, counties of origin or accounts using key words.

The ability to track followers is handy is it not only allows a visual record of how your follower base grows. In addition, if there is a drop in followers you can analyse activity and look for any possible causes.

Crowd Fire

This tool allows analysis of followers, their locations, activity and interactions with you. It allows you to see the accounts which have unfollowed you. This


This tool allows analysis of users and activity of your and those of users.


The advantage of all the above services is the way in which you can take control of your social media accounts The use of the analytical tools available tailor make and personalise tweets photos and messages to target markets. Including time zones, target markets, business and social.

This is key when trying to grow a business, reputation or following it is vital to know your market, where they come form and the things they like.