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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Entertains At Hull City Hall



The Royal Philharmonic orchestra featuring violin soloist Leticia Moreno amazed the audience at Hull City Hall,


Hull City Hall welcomed the world renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra featuring solo violinist Leticia Moreno as part of their 70th Anniversary celebrations.

The programme consisted of 3 pieces, each in contrast to the one before, each breath taking.

The first Weber’s Der Freischutz Overture. The whole piece was stunning however the clarinet solo was almost haunting, together with the rich tones of the double bass, and the warmth of the brass, blended to create something almost hypnotic.

The second piece, Mandelssohn’s violin concerto featured Leticia Moreno, a thirty one year old Spanish violinist. Soloists have a special talent, they draw all eyes to them holding their attention.

Mrs Raymond told me of Miss Moreno “I’ve seen her before, it’s like the violin is part of her. She is as much part of it as it is of her.”

Throughout the intense piece Miss Moreno was magnificent, her whole body seemed consumed by the music.

During the interval Mrs Mead and her 11 year old daughter told how they had travelled for Bridlington to see the orchestra play. Miss Mead was excited as she has just started taking Cello lessons. Mrs Mead had seen the Royal Philharmonic before and wanted her daughter to experience ‘the feel of the music’ explaining she believes music is ‘more than just a collection of notes, but something almost tangible’.

The second half Brahms Symphony No.4 was performed. Throughout this piece was a beautiful picking, the sound emanated when room with almost hypnotic effect.

One of the stars of the evening has been without question the conductor Eduardo Portal. He was a very expressive conductor. His command over the orchestra and clear passion for the music was clear to see, his interactions with the musicians and their responses. It is clear that the conductor is the lynch pin that ensures everything runs without issue.



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