New Types of Media

The way we receive news is constantly changing and evolving.

It use to be the papers or the T.V news were the only options.

As far as newspaper publishers go they all have an online presence, with many free to view.

Online publications have also developed form needing to read on a desktop, to the everyday hand held tech we all take for granted…the smartphone and tablets.

Other news outlets have come on the back of this, such as the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed both purely online news sources.

However probably the biggest thing to come out of this is the hyper-local news sites. Often run by volunteers passionate about their local community.

These sites are specially targeted at local people who love where they live. It gives them information on events and issues that many of the traditional papers may have overlooked for news stories that appeal to their wider readership.

It is a testament to all the dedicated journalists both professional and amateur that there is such a wide choice, and more importantly something out there to suite everyone.

As long as there is a clear target audience, local, a certain age, or special interest there is something for everyone.

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