Shannon and Weaver Communication Model

Neither Shannon or Weaver originally started as communication experts, Shannon a mathematician and Weaver an Electronic Engineer.

They produced an article in ‘Bell System Technical Journal’ named ‘A Mathematical Theory of Communication’, also known as ‘Shannon-Weaver model of Communication’.


The theory recognises ‘the sender’ as the person formulating the message, and ‘the receiver’ the person receiving the message.

Whilst the concept is easy-ish to grasp, there is the technical bit in the middle.

Once a message has been conceived, it passes through an encoder.

The encoder converts the message into a signal which can be transmitted.

This is the same idea as a telephone line where sound is converted into sound waves. The waves are transmitted and received by the decoder.

The decoder works in the same manor as the encoder only reverse, converting the signal back into something the receiver can understand.

The major issue with this type of communication is something called Noise. This occurs in the transmission along the channel. Noise is as it suggest noise which interferes with the signal. This could be caused by thunder, crowd or traffic noise.

This kind of interference can distort the message so it becomes confused, or distorted.





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