Marxism was developed from the works of Karl Marx.

He was born to a Jewish German family in the 19th century. Marx’s was a Journalism and Social Philosopher.

In 1867 he published Das Kapital or to give it its Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. This was written with Friedrich Engels as a result of their development of the critique of society.

Definition of Marxism

  1. :  the political, economic, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; especially :  a theory and practice of socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society

The basics of this theory claim the Proletariat or working classed were oppressed by the Bourgeoisie or the aristocracy.

The notion of the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.

Marxism followers believe that workers are controlled in all manors of life, when they work, what they earn, where they live and when they sleep.

People to this day still believe that the government our modern day Bourgeoisie still have a strangle hold over us.

Taxes, minimum wage and cost of living are some of the  constrains placed on the working class in current times