Talk about Local Unconference

Birmingham City University Curzon Building was the venue for Talk about Local #TAL16.

The unconference was aimed at anyone involved with or who has an interest in Hyperlocal news.

There was no structure to the conference. At the start the group gathered in the main room. The floor was opened to people to come forward and make a suggestion for a topic they would like to discuss. If others show interest, a slot is designated.

Once all topics had been decided a time and room was designated.

I picked 3 groups to join.

The first was on Facebook news, whilst i thought the subject would be interesting as it turned out it was a man speaking about his PHD on the subject and his findings.

The second was to do with court reporting. This was really interesting discussion.

The group was only small and all aspects of court reporting was covered, including the possible developments in the future.

The third was the most interesting. It was on how virtual reality and 360 degree vids will change the face of journalism.

We spoke about the way in which when using 360 cameras the crew, instead of being behind the camera will be part of the story.

It was also discussed about the way in which people can receive news, examples of google glass was given.



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