Evaluation for Cooking Demo Video

This was not my first choice for video, however the radio presenter I was going to film has been seriously ill for some time. A decision had to be made to ensure I had time film and edit the piece properly.

It took a while to decide what to do. I initially filmed a lot of footage in Scarborough but the wind was really bad and even with a tripod was still to shaky.

I had to do something where things like the weather would not be a factor.

I chose a cooking demonstration as I write a weight loss blog based on weight watchers and felt it could work for both.

I added the information shots stating Smart Points values for this reason.

The location was perfect as there were no outside elements to deal with, the main issue was the lighting as the main work space can be quite dark.

Two lamps easily provided what was needed.

The filming was done using a Canon 750D for the wide shots. This was on a tripod placed just behind me to the right.

The other shots were filmed on my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone.

For the prep section this was on a table top tripod, for the cooking closeups it was just held.

There were several initial attempts to get the angles right and to be able to move easily with the tripod legs taking half the floor space.

The shoot once set up was simple to film. The Canon camera was just left to continually film, whilst the phone was used as required.

I edited the film using Adobe Premier Pro and The sound track was edited in Adobe Audition.

The main aim with editing was to keep the demo as something that could be followed, but within the time allowed.

In cooking there is a saying about 5 P’s: Perfect Prep Prevents P**poor Performance, I took that thought into the editing of the demo.

The sequence was pre-determined, it was the timing and balance that took time.

To do this I increased the speed of some clips.

The hardest thing was the music, it took a week of looking to find a track that would work.

I used Audition which I have never done before and found it really difficult in the beginning, but the end result is ok.

Overall I feel happy with the result.


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