How Can Journalism Survive The Decline Of Print And What Are The Dangers Of A Growing Deficit In Local Reporting

Local journalism is nationally declining, many publications including the newspaper I grew up reading Scarborough Evening News. This was a nightly publication with the Mercury edition on a Saturday. Know the paper has been re-branded as Scarborough News, a weekly edition which tries to cover the same patch stretching as far North as Whitby and south as to Filey and Hunmanby.

The National Union of Journalists has brought attention to this:

The move came in response to further job cuts at Johnston Press including the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, Halifax Courier, Scarborough News and Harrogate Advertiser. A Yorkshire Weekly Newspaper Group NUJ chapel spokeswoman said: “Our members believe passionately in the importance of local journalism but are being prevented from giving readers the level of news and sports coverage they deserve because of a lack of staff and investment in our papers – and any further jobs cuts will only add to this problem.


There are several reasons for this decline, the main is financial, if not as many people buy the papers the less money there is. Johnston Press made a choice to remain in publication but as a weekly. At least readers unable to access the online resource have access the local news.

As a journalist starting out in my career it does worry me that work in print is going to be harder and harder to find.

Prolific North released figures in 2015 showing the decrease in circulating readership in a year on year basis

Hull Daily Mail shows 33,121  with a decrease of 8.1%

Within the  27 paper titles shown Hull Daily Mail has the 5th highest reader base and 5th in decline figures.

The decline is partly down to a combination of readers accessing news via other channels such as the internet and TV, finances, and lack of reader appeal.

The sad thing is there seems to be no way of stopping it.

As for journalists we have to become more flexible, tech savvy and on the ball.







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