Online News Story Reflection

Initially I struggled to find a story.

There was an idea to write a story on travel issues over the holiday period, I was also researching mobile internet 4G coverage within Hull and East Riding.

The final story however picked itself. #

With the turn of the year Hull became UK City of Culture. The events of the day were amazing. I was using the New Years Day events as a whole for a different story.

The coverage of the events by The Sun and The Daily Mail together with the out pour form locals on social media changed everything.

The two national papers wrote very similar articles, both showing images of New Years Eve and New Years Day. The articles suggested that the drunken antic’s are something that can expected for the whole year.

This really annoyed me to the point I rang the Daily Mail and asked to speak to the author of the piece.

I asked him for comment on why he wrote such a story and why he used images of two different days with out making the difference clear.

The writing of a news story was not easy as I have a natural sway towards feature writing. I find it hard to not express opinion especially when it’s something I have a strong view on.

I like the online story telling tools which are available, but choosing what is most appropriate is the hard.

I do like the visual side of story telling, I think it’s very important.

Choosing the right images and tools are as important as choosing the right word, which for someone who uses 10 words instead of 2 is an ongoing challenge.

Overall I am really proud of my first online story.

It is aimed at a regional news reading audience rather than local.

The reason for this is the typical hyper local sites concentrate on a specific area for example The Avenues or Cottingham. A regional audience however would cover the whole of Hull or East Riding.


Writing For Purpose – Event

My original event was to be the Hull Animal Welfare Christmas Fair. They are a great cause do really important work. On the night of the event I got a couple of interviews and pictures, however I was asked to go back the following day to speak to the manager.

When I arrived I was told to call after Christmas  and speak to the chair of the committee.

I let messages and she called back after New Year but only after I found an alternative. I will still do a piece on them for Hyperfruit.

The chosen event for the piece was the New Years Day launch of UK City of Culture.

There were so many things happening throughout the city. I went to most of them but focused on three.

It was so nice to be able to write about the positive things going on within Hull rather than the things which go wrong.

This would be a regional or local article, however it could be used for the national.

Writing For Purpose – Print-News Story

For my new story I initially struggled both with finding a story and how to write it.

I had a couple of options and one I am still hoping to cover as it is an ongoing issue.

After speaking to Carmen it was suggested I call in at Trinity Market and speak to some of the stall holders/

Within no time I had a positive story form one of the stall holders, there was another however not so convinced, this gave a sense of balance.

The market has really taken a hit over past years and the delay in the referb has taken its tole on stall holders and shoppers. It is refreshing to be able to report something positive.

The story is written for a local paper.

The outcome is something I am happy with.