Photographic Assignment: Including Breakdown

Title: From Holbeck to Scalby Mills




This was taken at from the top of Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough.

The intention of the shot was to show the town, and the way the coastline sweeps round the castle



This was taken from the site of the old Holbeck Hall Hotel which fell into the sea in 1993.

It is the starting location for my photo sequence.

The photo was cropped slightly to give a more interesting feel.


Taken form the Esplanade on South Cliff the shot looks back towards Holbeck and the rugged coastline beyond.

I chose to shoot this through the branches to give it a natural frame


IMG_1832 copy.jpg

The steps at the Spa lead from the beach to the main walk way. The arch on the right of the shot is the site of the actual spa tap.

The photo was turned into black and white as i thought it gave a slightly older feel.

The leading lines take you up the stairs into the picture.


Aperture is demonstrated in this shot. The smaller F point allows the corner of the wall be be in focus with the rest slightly blurred.

The leading line of the wall takes you through the picture.

There is also the reflection of the sky in the pool next to it.



A fast shutter speed has allowed me to capture the waves as they roll in.

Rule of thirds allow the difference between the sky, the sea  and the beach.

The difference between the waves, to the ripples and the foam on the beach give depth.

In addition the reflection of the sky is caught on the wet beach.



The main feature of this is the leading line of the sea wall base.

The aperture of this was set to a medium F stop to add depth without being to blurred.

There is also  the reflection of the corner of the Grand Hotel in the water.


Looking out from Marine Drive. Using Photo shop I darkened the picture slightly to allow the cloud form to be seen and the light show through


Taken on Marine Drive looking back along the coast.

The strength of this is in the leading lines. The first is of the sea wall and defence rocks which lead the eye into the picture. The second is the coast line leading across.


Taken from Marine Drives north side the leading line take you into the pictures. There is also contrast between the beach. the rocks and the grass on the hill.


This is taken on a set of steps leading from Marine Drive to the Beach.

The colour of this picture has not been altered at all. The intention of this was to demonstrate depth by using the wall of the steps in the foreground


The rule of 3rds is shown here, the beach, castle head and sky.

I love the way the light catches the headland.


This shot shows a combination of natural framing with the bushes, there is also leading lines taking you down the path and round the bay.


There are a couple of skills in this image. The leading lines of the railings and benches lead to the Clifton Hotel with is slightly out of focus. The change in focus demonstrates aperture.


A fast shutter speed allows the clarify of the ripples in the pool. You can also see a slight reflection int  the water


North Bays chalets with there bright colours inject a brightness to the coast line. Here i like the contrast between the pastels of the sky against the winter coat on the cliff and the brightness of the buildings


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