Photographic Evaluation

The photographic assignment was something I have enjoyed but not found natural.

The subject was tweaked at the last minute. The original topic was the coastline between Hull and Scarborough, however I thought it to be to broad an area.

The final decision was the Scarborough coastline between Holbeck – the location where in 1993 Holbeck Hall Hotel fell into the sea, and Scalby Mills on the North bay which is where the Sea Life Centre is located.

The stretch of coast includes South  bay, Marine drive and North  bay. There are many iconic landmarks long this route. My intention was to plot a route between the two points. I wanted the people looking at the photos to think if I go there I will recognise the locations.

Within the images I wanted to show a mixture of skills, with inspiration taken from Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna.

Over two days I took almost 400 photos. On the first day I went early to catch the morning light, the second day was later in the day to catch the evening light.

After the first shoot I did seek feedback from both tutor and class. Over all the feedback was positive overall. We all took part in a group critique session. The feedback from this gave me some key points to think about.

  • Use more of the natural light
  • take pictures from the beach
  • have objects in the foreground to add depth
  • use reflections
  • and Lewis wanted a bridge

Before my second trip I looked carefully at the best of the shots I already, then I was able to make a list of what kind of shots I needed to complete the assignment.

There were a couple of images that were almost there, they just needed a little tweaking, but had essentially the desired result. To tweak these I used Photoshop. For a couple of shots it was a slight crop, this helped define the proportions. There was also one shot looking from Marine Drive with a Seagull flying where I darkened the shot slightly so highlight the cloud formation and light balance.

For the second trip I decided to concentrate on beach shots.

The images I got were great overall, some exceeded my expectations.

Beck in the 1990’s the seawall was re-enforced using boulders. The combination of the seawall the rocks and the sand was perfect for capturing strong leading lines. The three contrasting textures against the backdrop of the castle headland gave strength and interest.

There was an element of luck on the second trip, the sky was stunning.

Thinking about what was said in the group session I looked to find some interesting angles, reflections and depth.

The reflections primarily came from the rock pools, with the rocks adding interest.

One of my favourite shots is the last in the presentation. The shot is of the chalets of the North Bay, the colours really pop out against the natural background.

The final presentation was great, the feedback was very positive with comments made about the angles, lines and colours.

I am really proud of what I produced.

Moving forward I have a greater understanding of what makes an interesting picture, I also have more confidence that I can do it, and I can be creative.





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