Photojournalist – Corey Arnold



Cory Arnold is a photojournalist I really admire for several reasons:

  • Breathtaking Images 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you may guess Corey Arnold documents real life at and around the Alaskan seas.

There is a mixture of animals, people and the ocean at its most raw. The slideshow above is a selection of some of my favourites. I couldn’t pick a single shot I really prefer, the reason being they are all unique. Each one a moment in time that is gone in a heartbeat. A seal being hand fed, and a man being engulfed by a wave.


  • Real Life  

Corey doesn’t got out on the boats as a passenger. He is the ships Captain!

Beginning in 1995 Corey worked for 7 years in the Bering Sea fishing for crabs. He know Captains a Gullnetter fishing for Sockeye Salmon in the Bristol  Bay Alaska.

His images and the accounts behind life at sea has earned him features in some of Americas top publications: New Yorker, Enquirer, and Harpers Mag.

Corey has a popular Instagram account as well as Twitter and Facebook. This allows his work to be accessible to more people across the world.

In addition to the publications and social media, Corey exhibits his collections in galleries.

I find they way he combines his love of life and sea and photojournalism incredible. It proves in the wildest conditions there can be real beauty.




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