Photojournalist -Kitra Cahana


Kitra Cahana was born in 1987 in Florida USA. The Rabbi’s daughter credited her father for setting her photographic assignments as a child.

Kitra studied Philosophy gaining a B.A from McGill University and an M.A in Visual Media Anthropology from Freie Universitat Berlin.

She uses a mixture of text, film and photography to create powerful pieces of work which would go on to gain her wide recognition.

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National Geographic honoured Kitra naming her A Woman of Vision. The above images we’re included in this feature.

The images were taken in Venezuela and show practitioners of the Maria Lionza Cult.

The cult of around 40000 people congregate on El Sorte Mountain, the location the spirit of Maria Lionza lives.

The images show the cults mix of West African traditions, with Catholic beliefs and American nature worship.

The honour of National Geographic is only one of many accolades Kitra has gained over the years.

Others include:

  • WordPress photo of the year in 2010,
  • Thomas Morgan internship at New York Times
  • Pulitzer Centre for Investigative Journalism grant

One of the reasons I admire Kitra  Cahana is the way she is not afraid to amerce herself i the images she takes.

This is clear to see in a series featuring both her and her father. The man who inspired her was left paralysed after a stroke.


There is something powerful in taking photos of ‘people’ however when the subject is so close and person it takes a certain kind of bravery to allow that kind of raw exposure.



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