CATS-Notes for 2/2/17

Today was the first day of the new semester.

The first subject discussed was the assignment of a 2000 word essay to be followed by a presentation.

The assignment must:

  • compare the work of two journalists/photojournalists/documentary makers
  • compare specific pieces of work, how they achieved them.
  • compare the people, their ethics, ¬†motivations and principles
  • the essay should be heavy in analysis and comparisons
  • should include the sociopolitical impact of the two
  • any research should be on blog
  • the presentation will last 5 to 10 mins and count for 20% of the mark.¬†7


Other assessed work:

  • Package of industry reflections
  • specific reflections set during classes
  • notes from sessions


during the second half of the lesson we listened to each class member speak about the two photo journalists chosen from the selection given by John