Community Radio – West Hull Fm

There were plans for me to host my own show, unfortunate this never came to fruition.

Within the stations schedule there is a mix of local people producing content in the studio and syndicated shows produced elsewhere.

I did however spend many hours working behind the scenes helping plan and produce shows including the A to Z of music and All Number 1’s and All Number 2’s. I also drove the desk and 3 1 hour morning shows which went out live.

My roles included researching songs and compiling play lists. Getting the balance between the different decades where possible is key. Listeners very in age and taste so there needs to be balance.

It is important to get any info correct regarding songs, so time is spent making a few notes on each song.

The system used to produce the show is Myriad.

There is more to producing a show that just putting songs into the system. Within each hour there are certain things that need to be included. These include the news (this is taken form the national stations), the weather, sponsorship add’s and it is not essential but good practice to promote other shows.

Timing is key, ensuring the songs and other content fit within the time. Adds can be moved but the news is fixed. Crashing the news should not happen.

Editing is the key, fading songs in and out is a real skill. If a show is over in time it is the editing of the songs that can pull it back. Within the system each song shows the length of intro so as a producer or presenter you can clearly see the time you can speak before the lyrics kick in.

Over the weeks i’v spent in the studio must of the shows have been voice tracked, this is when a show is recorded then placed in the schedule at the correct time.

The live shows really scared me, being allowed to drive the desk, this meant that even though the songs and structure is in place, the transitions between the recorded material such as adds and music, and the live presenter output is done in real time.

I am unsure about presenting myself, but it is a possibility. I do however love being in a studio. There is something amazing about producing that is there for anyone to hear.

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