Creative Futures – Notes – 27/02/17

Book recommendation – Entrepreneurial Journalism available on Amazon

Trumps ban of the media outlets who don’t print favourably of him, branding them ‘enemy of the people’.

spoke about the way in which Trump is being represented in the media: is he getting a fair trial my the media.

Immersive Journalism


  • relatively unknown tool that is becoming more popular
  • This is embed-able onto not .com
  • Allows images to become immersive: text hot spot’s. each spot is placed on an item and when curser is hovered over spot text or link appears. There is a paid version which allows more to be done.

Using Thinglink

Using the platform seems fairly straight forward.

Once an image is uploading you click the feature then add text, a web link or multi media image and save.

This is the kind of tool that will come in handy when trying to explain the content of an image. This could be the individual players in a sports event, the content of something, or place of interest on a map

The image I have used as a practice demonstration is one of my own.