Influential Journalist – Andrew Marr

Andrew William Stevenson Marr was born on 31st July 1959.

Educated at Trinity Hall Cambridge, the journalist and broadcaster has established a well respected career specialising in anything political.

He began working for The Scotsman as a junior business reporter, before moving to London where he became a parliamentary correspondent, then becoming their political correspondent.

Thanks to political journalist and mentor Anthony Bevins Andrew Marr was appointed as a member of the Independents launch team. After leaving for a short time he returned in 1992 as political editor and  in 1996 became editor.

His first work for television was a three part series for BBC 2 to be shown after Newsnight.

In 2000 he became BBC political editor one of his most renowned interviews was with Tony Blair when he announced he would not seek a fourth term as Prime Minister should they win the 2005 general election. After the election he stepped down as political editor to spend more time with his family. He did continue to work for the BBC.

In September of 2005 Marr began presenting Sunday morning news programme Sunday AM. Which in 2007 would be re-branded as Andrew Marr show.

In January of 2013 Marr suffered a stroke which left him in hospital for 2 months. He returned to his show in September of the same year.

He received some treatment in Florida which involved injecting drugs directly into his spine whilst handing upside down. He was quoted in December 2016  as saying that even though there had not been the dramatic results he had hoped for there had been ‘subtle and useful changes’.

He remains partially paralysed on his left side, this limits some activities he is able to do.

The thing that I admire most about Marr as a journalist is the way he is fearless in what he does.

In his show he never shy’s away form the hard and sometimes controversial questions which need asking. He also push’s for answers not excepting single word reply’s or in  the case of Teresa May avoidance and skating round issues.

As a person I admire how even after such a big health scare he returned to the show in less than a year and is even better.

He has forged such a strong presence in both print and broadcast journalism is a field which is filled with ego’s,  mud slinging and tit for tat.