University Life – Life as a Mature Student.

When I first started planning this, my intention was something very different. I had planned on writing something around the library, however things didnt go quite to plan. The person I was interviewing was unavailable at the time and due to work commitments things had to get switched.

The link below is to the published piece. I am quite happy with it.

The work was produced via short hand social and is called Life as a Mature Student

As a immersive story telling tool i really like this. Love the way you can write over images, and the screens are easy to navigate.






Hull Crown Court Sentencing Report

Serial offender Joshua Taylor  sentenced for a total of nine months 

Serial offender Joshua Taylor, 19 years of age has been sentenced to nine months in a young offenders institute.

Mr Taylor entered the property of Keith and Pauline Clark on 28th November between 1 and 2 am whilst they along with their two daughters slept upstairs. Among the stolen items were: two watches, a wallet, cash, an Ipod, a phone and car keys.

Prosecutor Suzanne Moss told Judge Mark Bury that Mrs Clark had said in her victim impact statement that she feels upset and frightened by the fact that someone has been in their house while the family were in bed at the time. She said she feels worried and paranoid.

Mr Taylor was arrested as the police attended a property on Redbourne Street at around 5am the same day to arrest a Mr Nicklin for unrelated matters.

Mr Taylor was arrested for another matter, which was not proceeded with. When the property was searched items linked with the incident only streets away were found. His fingerprints were found on a tablet.

When interviewed he said an unnamed person had tried to sell him the device. Due to forensic evidence he pleaded guilty.

During closing Judge Bury said to Mr Taylor “you are 19. Your start in life has been some what bleak. What is going to happen if you are not very careful you are going to spend a lot of time in HM prison”

Throughout the session Mr Taylor appeared relaxed with little regard for what he had done, calling out to someone in the public gallery as he was taken away.