Photoshop lesson 1

In the first lesson of Photoshop we have been looking at the three primary skills.

The first was to isolate an area adjust the area around it.

For this we used the elliptical marquee tool (circle) this was placed over the headlight bulb of a car image then adjusted the brightness around it. Car edit This is the finished product looked more pleasing as the light catches the curves of the car.

The second image was all about adding text to an image.

Pitch In edit

This was done using the text tool. It allows you to change the font size and colour, the move tool makes changing the text location really easy.

The third image was all about contrast:

tie guy edit

Using the brush tool you can combine blurred spots and crisp clear ones. This adds contrast and effect.

I have never used Photoshop before and have found this a bit more challenging than some of my class mates. There is something satisfying about creating the finished product.