Personal Branding- Yorkshire Rose Media – Branding – The Starting Point

The challenge to create what the brand looks like has begun. This is what will cover the criteria of the assignment that has been set.

Initially I started with the idea of a photograph of roses like flowers from in my back garden, and try to work out a way of using them.

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I had three basic ideas the first:

yorkshire rose photo business card 3

The image size was altered using Photoshop to a business card.

The second:


The third:


and fourth:

business card temp back

I showed one of these to my tutor. She explained that the logo needs to me made of a vector not a photo. The reason for this is a vector can be enlarged to any size and remain the same quality.


Personal Branding – Yorkshire Rose Media

domain name

Yorkshire Rose Media Lives. Once the vote on Facebook was in, it was just a case of registering. I didnt want to leave it long, just in case the name got taken.

Using the 1 & 1 website I bought the domain name and two years of hosting for a website.

The intention is to upload all my work onto a professional platform and use this to promote myself within the industry.

The next big thing is logo and brand identity. The Yorkshire Rose would be the obvious choice however, as much as i love it I want something that nods its head to tradition but is different.

Personal Branding

When we were told about the personal branding assignment I was excited as it is something i’d thought about, but not begun to think about.

The only thingI understand that this assignment is something that is for the purpose of using our skills gained within the module however, I think that with this it would be silly not to use this to maximum effect.

I had decided was I didn’t want to use my name in the branding. ¬†Unlike in the case of men, a woman’s name has the potential to change over time. By creating a professional identity using a brand name it will not change.

I used a website called 1&1 ( ) to check the name availability of the names of I came up with.

possible names

The image above is taken from my note book. The ticks indicate they are free to use.

The next step was to choose which name. It needed to be something that was relevant to me, but also something that others would relate to.

When I was at work I made a list of my favourite ten and asked them to vote.

work name vote

The next step was to ask a wider group and narrow the choices.

The two I chose were Happy Bird Media and Yorkshire Rose Media and asked my friends on Facebook.

fb vote

I was also challenged to think about what I want the brand to reflect about me, and what I want it to represent.

fb jayne bratton

With the exception of one person the vote was overwhelming.




Photoshop Lesson 3

03Start fin edit

This lesson proved how difficult it is for precision with these tools which is one reason i left the image above rough. I have found the use of the different moving tools useful. for our up and coming assignments.

From a professional point of view it allows the re-organisation of objects to give a desired end product.