Andrew Marr and Andrew Neil Comparison Essay Reflection

When given this assignment, for me it was a relativity easy choice for who to choose. I had worked on a previous piece relating to Andrew Marr and found him fascinating.

There is something about the way throughout his interviews he remains so polite and calm that, without realising it you are clued to the TV screen.#

I needed someone as a second subject who would contrast Marr’s polite gentlemanly style.

Andrew Neil was again an easy choice, I love his ‘This Week’ programme and the fact he takes no prisoners. He is hard hitting and to the point.

For the sake of this assignment I chose to use Andrew Neil’s day time show Sunday Politics. This would allow the direct comparison of two like for like  shows.

As a TV show is not just about the words which the broadcaster says, but a well orchestrated collaboration. What you see is almost as important as what you hear, it is the first impression as the credits roll. What does the first frame, before anything is said tell you? This frame is usually including the shows banner or logo.

Other thing I felt were important included to way in which the seating was arranged and the reasons for it.

When I began to look into the broadcasters and the things which had brought them to this point, on a basic level they were very similar. Both Scottish political journalists who began their career’s in print before moving into broadcasting.

The more i understood about them as people, the more i began to understand possible reasons for choices made regarding their respective shows.

I felt it was important to use examples of characteristics and have them backed up with the knowledge of theory. A example of this would be Jeremy Corbyn  is interview with Andrew Marr. He was asked a question relating to the nuclear submarines, instead of giving an answer of the position shared by his party, the answer he gave was lead by his personal stance. Communication Theory helped explain why.

On the whole I am pleased with the result. I feel there has been an improvement in my writing over the year and that it shows in this work.





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