Is Print Dead, and the Future of Journalism Purely Online

Access to digital platforms is becoming easier via mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, computers and laptops, games consoles, smart tv’s and even watches.

The notion is that you can receive news updates as they happen more inline with today’s fast moving society. There is an expectation that everything we need it at the touch of a button.

The rise of Hyper-local journalism is moving from strength to strength. It is local news at your finger tips.

hyper local map

Locations of Hyperlocal News Outlets


This map shows all hyper-local websites registered with

What this proves is that a small self funding media outlet can step up to the table and, providing it has a solid and viable strategy utilising tools such as social media, and search engine optimisation can compete with the big boys.

Online media allows the reader to take charge of what they read in a way general print news papers are unable. Tabs or pre-sets allow the reader to go straight to the kind of stories of interest.

In contrast there is something about holding a physical newspaper or magazine that you don’t get with a digital copy.

the feel of paper, the smell of the ink…paper can change colour with the heat or put in front of a light, an add can feel rough as sand or smooth as silk, all adding to the sensory experience”

A printed news publication is not effected by the internet. To receive digital content there must be a connection made. This could be via cable, wi-fi or mobile data. How may times have you sat on a train reading and article and it goes off because you are in a tunnel or the middle of the countryside with no coverage? In a built up city centre and no coverage or not enough to power the multi-media element or video that is so vital. With print this is never an issue. It is always there, always readable.

I feel that there is a place for both, and though print figures are in decline there will always be a need for the physical newspaper.








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