Council Meeting Story


Council Meeting




                   Children’s Mental Health Scheme receive £8 Million of Lottery Funding


8 Million pounds of Big Lottery Funding has been awarded to a Hull scheme aimed to improve the mental health of the city’s children and young people.

Head Starts primary focus is the help children adjust to the transition between primary and secondary school, then from secondary school to further education.

Anne Haywood, a counsellor specialising in children’s mental health said:

“Giving children a safe space to talk is essential. Early interventions really help, it gives them the tools that help in later life.

“It allows them time in a safe space to speak about what they want”.

It has been widely recognised that mental health issues affect all areas of life. The right support at an early age can reduce the need for support in later life. Providing provision for early intervention is key.

In a recent study, it was proven that around half of 10 to 14 year olds suffer with lack of sleep due to anxiety and stress.

Hull is one of only twelve locations across the country, including Kent, Cornwall, Birmingham and Cumbria taking part.

The team have been working since January to have all resources embedded, and a full programme is ready for the beginning of the next school year.

During a meeting of Hull City Council’s Early Support and Lifelong Learning Overview and Scrutiny Commission it was said:

“All secondary schools have been signed up, alongside most special schools and pupil referral units”.

The reasoning for schools not participation was noted for a variety of reason, however, none of which was down to Academies or Academy affiliation.

The scheme has accepted that some schools currently have counselling services in place, and have agreed the pre-arranged contracts will be allowed to run their course.

For the schools not signed for the scheme, a reduced service is to be offered.

Head Start will work alongside the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service known as CAHMS who provide 24/7 crisis care, and help co-ordinate counselling services alongside any other provisions needed.




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