Papa’s News Story


Capture 2.PNGFish and Chip Shop Serve 10,000 Meals for 1p Each

Hull fish and Chip restaurant served over 10,000 customers in one day, and only charged 1 pence per person.

Brothers Dino and George Papas, who own the  Papas food outlets,  with Dad Sid promised to do this after winning the BBC’s Best Fish and Chip Shop.

The cost of this estimated at £40,000. The standard price of a portion of Fish and Chips is £4.25

Mr Papas said: “we wanted to say thanks to our customers, it’s the least we can do”

Andrew Coleman of Dale Road Swanland said:

“It’s refreshing to have a business willing to take a financial hit, just to say thanks to their customers”.

Customers waited for over two hours outside both Willerby and Bilton restaurants.

Spirits were kept high by staff handing out cake and biscuits. They also held competitions such as jump the line. People were set challenges to move to the front.

An elderly couple commented that “it’s the little things like this that make them (the Papas family) special. They always look after their customers, and they remember people which it nice”.

The general feeling among the waiting public was good.

Only one person appeared to be unhappy. When she reached the front of the que and requested three portions, the cashier explained the offer was one per person, to claim three her family would need to be there.

In a frustrate tone she said:

“I knew there would be a catch it’s a disgrace. They can see I was waiting!”.

The response of the cashier was very kind. It was explained that if she could bring her family back, she would be able to go straight to the front with a note she was handed. This was an act of good faith as all advertisement clearly stated the offer was only for the people there.

Papas is a family run group, done on a very large scale. In December 2016, they opened the world’s largest Fish and Chip shop in Scarborough. This restaurant ran the 1p offer. This title will be lost by the end of April when the family open a 500-seater restaurant in Cleethorpes. This has created over 90 jobs in the town.




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