Sound and Vision Reflection

Throughout this semester this has been a lesson that i have really enjoyed.

Some aspects have taken a little getting my head around.

The assignments have been interesting to do for many reasons:

  • people just didn’t want to speak on tape or camera, which made finding two people to interview quite tricky. It has however been a lesson in persistence and thinking outside the box to get a result.
  • tech as not been my friend through this assignment process. I have decent kit which i have used time and time again with no issue’s, the interviews went really well, i was happy with the framing and there were some interesting points made on each subject. When i put the card in the reader, something i have not clue what went wrong and the whole disk was corroded. with a bit of playing i got most of the visuals back from the first interview, but the sound was like white noise, and the second was just a fuzzy mess. My plan was to record both and see which was best for submission. The was one little ray of light, I recorded both interviews on my phone as well. The audio was not as good as would have been on the tape as that was hooked up with a clip mic, but it was something. It took about 2 hours to match the audio to the visual as the interview had to keep been stopped due to an ill child. Thank goodness both devices were at the same speed.


For my video i was lucky enough to speak to a counsellor in Driffield. Mental health is always floating around in the news, however because Prince Harry had been in the media recently regarding his own mental health in his younger days. Was arranged at the weekend for me to go on Monday to film.

The interview took place at her address, so the opportunity for establishing shots was not there or really relevant.

We were aware that in reality there may be some interruptions, so we placed markers that would help with continuity when framing.

A blanket on the back of the sofa allowed me to a point of reference on one side, out of shot there was a coaster on the arm of the chair which she placed her hand over.

The aim of the interview was to speak about the provisions available in her local schools for children’s counselling.

It went well and there were some interesting points made.

The editing was ok, its not to where i would like it to be however, this is the beginning of the learning process.


This interview was with a very interesting guy, who owns Hull Rickshaws. He is the cities only rickshaw driver, and unfortunately as had to but his business on hold due to the restructuring of the roads in the city centre, he has however been working at Tasty Cafe in the marina and has new plans for the rickshaw.

Neil was wearing a clip mike through the whole interview which was attached to the camera (unfortunately). The quality is not what i would like it to be but it’s ok.

The editing on this was a very big, very steep learning curve as the only time i have used Audacity was the time in class.

i’m happyish with the results but again its been a learning process and i have defiantly learned a lot.


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