Welcome to @YorkHour

As part of my Creative Futures – Web at Uni we must develop a social media strategy for a product or service over a minimum of two platforms…I would like to introduce you to #YorkHour

This will run as a sister hour to the established #HullHour #LeedsHour and #SheffieldHour it will also be the first which I will be running rather than assisting in.

@YorkHour was first started by a marketing company called Harrison Mann and ran on once a month. The last tweet from the account was August 1st 2016.

The hour is a Twitter based product, however to increase its reach and expand on the potential service an Instagram account will be made along side a Facebook page with possible website.

The research for all platforms will consist of analysing similar hours and sites within the region, the hash tags they use and the services they provide. I will look back over the people who have interacted with the hour and see who is still active and the way in which they interact.

The aim is to create a social hour which will promote all the good things York and give people who love the city somewhere to interact with each other, promote what they are doing and can if they need to seek advice or recommendations.

There is something which is beginning to happen with #HullHour rather than being a meeting place for like minded people once a week it has grown into a place people go to for information and share their life events on a daily basis.