Yorkshire Rose Media Blog

As part of our Creative Futures Web module we are concentrating on the use of Social Media to promote a blog and create a community.

It was suggested we continue with the blog we created last year, there is a slight issue with that, mine was on weight loss and to say I’ve fallen off the wagon is prob the understatement of the year.

So may introduce you to Yorkshire Rose Media  

The Yorkshire Rose Media brand was something I came up with last year as part of a personal branding project. It has become my primary Twitter handle @yorkrosemedia.

I feel it therefore makes sense to build on this.

I love my home county and all it has to offer, I love the people and the way it has so much to offer.

I am a great believer in promoting the county and what its Cities have to offer. I am actively involved in promoting several

@HullHour HullHour logo @LeedsHourLeeds Hour logo @sheffieldHour sheffield hour logo

each of these #hours run weekly and are growing in popularity with @HullHour regularly receiving over 20,000 impressions on a Thursday night.

@YorkHour yorkhour logo1789451575..jpg is preparing to re-launch on 6th November.




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