CATS Assignment Evaluation

This essay has been quite a challenge, and that’s not a bad thing.

The question:  ‘Discuss what the English and Welsh court system comprises of and how criminal and civil laws differ’ is quite open for interpretation. Obviously it has to be related to journalism, but I really found keeping to the word count hard – I do think it could however be a good dissertation topic.

During our media law sessions with Nicky we covered Criminal Court which was a great help but Civil Court is a beast all on its own. The complexity is so much higher, the different types of cases and the restrictions of what you can do.

I decided to try and use examples within Criminal Court of the what can be achieved. Within the Civil Court sector I tried to highlight what can happen to the press when things go wrong.

Overall I was happy with what I have produced . During the time I have had personal issues to deal with which have been really tough, but this actually helped give me something to focus on.