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Discuss what the English and Welsh court system comprises of and how criminal and civil laws differ


List of sites visited for research

16C.7 Where a member of the public, who is in court, wishes to use live  text‐based  communications  during  court  proceedings  an  application  for  permission  to  activate  and  use,  in  silent  mode,  a  mobile phone, small laptop or similar piece of equipment, solely in  order to make live text‐based communications of  the proceedings will  need  to  be  made.  The  application  may  be  made  formally  or  informally  (for instance by communicating a  request  to  the judge  through court staff).

16C.8 It  is  presumed  that  a  representative  of  the  media  or  a  legal  commentator  using  live  text‐based  communications  from  court  does  not  pose  a  danger  of  interference  to  the  proper  administration of justice in the individual case. This is because the  most  obvious  purpose  of  permitting  the  use  of  live  text‐based  communications would be to enable the media to produce fair and accurate  reports  of  the  proceedings.  As  such,  a  representative  of  the  media  or  a  legal  commentator  who  wishes  to  use  live  text‐ based  communications  from  court may  do  so  without making  an  application to the court.


Rice, G, & Thomas, T 2013, ‘James Bulger — a matter of public interest?’, International Journal Of Children’s Rights, 21, 1, pp. 1-11, SocINDEX with Full Text, EBSCOhost, viewed 5 January 2018.

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The press, and media generally, wanted to continue reporting their whereabouts and the activities they were engaged in and cited Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights which is the right to ‘freedom of expression’. This right is further promoted by the UK Human Rights Act 1998 that brings the European Convention into the Jurisdiction of the British courts and section 12 of that Act which requires that UK courts ‘must have particular regard to the importance of the Convention right to freedom of expression’ and not least when Journalistic material is involved.

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