Industry Reflection – Fake News

Social media and search engines are the biggest platforms for the distribution of fake news. How can Facebook and Google crack down on the problem and should the technology giants have the responsibility to exert editorial control over the news they deliver to billions of people?

Fake News is defined as news which is: False, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of news reporting.

Fake News is not something new, it has been around for centuries, and is most commonly in the form of propaganda.

This when the information given out with a particular agenda, an example of this would be during election campaigns each of the political parties as a way of pushing their beliefs and policies.

Traditionally media is regulate to a degree. Printed press is gen Broadcast media has to  be impartial giving equal time and attention to all the main parties.

Over past decade or so social media has been a double edged sward for news networks.

Anyone can create a Social Media account and realistically post pretty much what ever they want.

it can give immediate access to unfolding events, and prove vital to seeing what is happening, the negative is verifying that the footage, text and images are genuine.

An article in published on the Telegraph website on 14 Nov 2017 .  James Titcomb and James Carson said:

‘Facebook and Twitter allowed people to exchange information on a much greater scale than ever before, while publishing platforms like WordPress allowed anyone to create a dynamic website with ease. In short, the barriers to creating fake news have been undone.’


During the presidential election ordinary people were unknowingly sharing ‘Fake News’ as a result trusted titles such and CNN and the New York Times were being accused of distributing it.

Facebook is trying combat use of their platform to spread Fake News.

This video was taken from and article on Forbes 

The piece explains how notifications will be attached to posts which have been disputed by 3rd parties, this will allow you to choose whether to continue with the post or not.

The is an argument that a foundation of a democratic society is freedom of speech. Fake News published an article called ‘Facebook, Google, publishers flight fake news with ‘trust indicator”

The article explains how together with 75 other companies have devised a way of identifying the media company and writers credentials . This will be done by placing an ‘i’ next to the articles which will be clickable.

By doing this the choice is that of the reader to believe or not.