Self-initiated project – Client

Our self-initiated project is as it says a project which we work with a client.

The project is a collaboration between the client and I. Suggestions should  be put forward form both parties with a conclusion being draw based on the needs of the client and the ability of the student.

Documentation is required of all levels of planning including gantt charts or something similar which can demonstrate allocation of time and workflow.

Meetings must all be recorded as blog posts with honest reflections about what happened and how things went.




Planning Tools for Self-initiated project

When working with clients there are some tools which can be used to assist in the planning of video’s, documentaries, blog and website building.


A storyboard is a collection of drawings which show a what will happen scene by scene. The drawings can be as complex and detailed as you like. They can also include dialog boxes


Flat Plan

A flat plan is the page layout for a print publication.

It shows where articles or advertising will be placed. This dictates the size of the article, and the importance of them.

flat plan

Site Plan

As suggested this is the layout of a website.

It will show each page with the content positions.

It also shows how pages are accessed.

site plan example