News Day 02/02/18

My allocated role for today’s News Day was Social Media editor, the editor and early morning editor positions were both given to third year students.

The day began early as always looking for possible stories and checking what is trending.

The morning briefing begins at 9 am, at this point there was no sign of either of the third year editors. John our tutor decided as I was prepared I could essentially take on all the roles.

After a moment of panic I just followed the format that the previous Editors had used.

We went around asking what stories people wanted to cover and the multi-media which they would include.

On the whole it was ok, the usual suspects came with nothing but I had some backups, and, Danielle the one third year had a couple of back ups as well.

There were a few people I found hard work. The first story I gave one person he told John he needed to change as he ‘wasn’t interested’ in the subject. John swiftly told him tough. As it happens it didn’t pan out.

I gave him other stories and it felt like he was wanting me to tell him step by step what to do. The end result was a good piece.

There we’re a few frustrations with a couple of other people, but on the whole it was ok.

Overall the stories that were produced were good  and we hit deadline.

I feel I did OK as a first time, there were bits that I’d change but nothing to major.

John was happy with how I worked.