Former Smith and Nephew Car Park Flats Plans Submitted

This image shows the location of the proposed flats. Image supplied by Google.

A new planning application has been submitted to develop the former Smith and Nephew car park.

The revised plan outlines the construction of 24, one bedroom residential flats.

An original application – refused in 2016 – consisted of 33 single bedroom flats build in four, thee storey blocks running the length of the 142 space car park. Planners at this time raised concerns over:

1, Failure to provide sufficient parking for the needs of the residents. This will result in heightened competition for on street parking in the nearby residential area.

2, Local amenities would be compromised due to an increase in community needs.

Council streetscene officer Chris Cumberlin said therewas still work to do to approve the application. He wrote in a report:

“Provision should be included within the planning application to ensure adequate and sufficient storage arrangements remain in place within the curtilage of the household property so the owner/occupier can securely manage their waste/occupier can securely manage their waste and recyclables within receptacles provided by the council.”

The development site sits in housing zone 3 of the cities flood plans. A report carried out in 2016 states with regard to flood risk:

“Flood zone 3a is defined as the high probability zone in terms of flood risk. This happens where land is assessed as having a 1 in 100 or greater risk of annual flooding.”

For more information on this planning application click on the link below.


published on Hull Central 9th March 2018

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