Hull braces itself for Snow at the Weekend

Once again Hull, like the rest country, is in the grips of a cold snap, this time thanks to  Storm Caroline as she heads towards Scandinavia.

Meteorologists have issued a yellow weather warning for snow in Hull and East Yorkshire as temperatures hover around freezing on Sunday. The area is expected to see around 5 centimetres falling from around 9am.

The brunt of the storm is being felt across Northern Ireland, Northern England and Scotland at the moment with some schools closed and power shortages to around 500 homes.


1 Hot Chocolate (Brandy Optional)

Tea and Coffee are great but there is something warm and comforting about Hot Chocolate that can’t be beaten. There is one question that needs to be asked. How do you have yours? Straight? with cream? with Marshmallows? Brandy? or a mixture?

2 Building a Snowman

Ok, it might be cold outside but put on your hat and gloves and get building.

There is something about building a snowman that is timeless, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will become a kid again once he starts to take shape. He doesn’t need to look like he belongs in a cold room at Ferens Art Gallery, he just needs to make you smile whilst you make him. But take a picture as he may not hang around for long.


3 See the Panto at Hull New Theatre

Peter Pan is this years offering at Hull Theatre. It would feel wrong to go to a panto if the temperature was twenty degrees. Seeing celebrities (and I use the word advisedly) dressed up on stage is pretty standard, but to be actively encouraged to boo the baddie, that’s a Christmas treat.


4 Wrap up under blanket

When it’s really cold, especially a night grabbing your favourite blanket and pulling it up to your chin will keep you toasty and warm.


5 See the Christmas Lights

Christmas lights look stunning, they twinkle and sparkle away guiding you through the town.


6 Thor’s

Thor’s is Hull’s new pop up bar. It’s between St Stephens and Hull Truck .

It has a rustic charm that’s different from other bars. One thing that makes it even more festive is the warm mulled wine it has on tap. It has a rustic charm with an open fire pit to keep the chill off.

7 Hit the Slopes

Sledging and snow are a match made in heaven. Pull on your hat and wellies grab the sled and off you go to find the nearest hill to race down. The go-to place here seems to be Beverley Westwood.

The great thing with sledging is, it doesn’t matter what you use whether it is a plastic one from a supermarket, a tea tray or fancy wooden one, if they can slide, you’re on a winner.

8 Soft lights and the fire

Turn the fire on and the big light off. It gives the illusion of extra warmth. The reason is simple fire light has a warm glow a light bulb is cold and harsh. If you need a light use a side or reading lamp.

9 Keep your feet warm

Warm socks and slippers. If your feet are cold you will never feel warm.

10 A Cheeky tipple 

A cheeky brandy or whiskey will always take off the cold edge and give that warm fuzzy feeling from the inside. A drop in coffee or hot chocolate before bed is perfect.


A poll has been carried out over the important issues of how best to have your hot chocolate. The result’s are below


Published on Hull Central on 8th December 2017


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