Social Media Strategy Evaluation

There has been a major personal glitche which has impeded the way this project has been broached over the past two months. I believe the overall analysis is a reasonable representation of what I am capable of.

My twitter account is @yorkrosemedia and in November the number of followers stood at 243. The target set was 500, unfortunately this was not quite reached, the final number of followers standing at 433. An increase of 190 followers over a six-month period is substantial.

The aim of this social media strategy has been to increase the interactions of my posts on Twitter and Facebook. In specific the impressions and engagement figures of posts. This will offer insight into the kind of posts that my followers interact with.

Throughout this module I have tried to use a variety of text, videos, images and gifs to create some interest.

As part of the overall social media strategy, a key element was to run a campaign. This would focus on a specific hash tag of my creation.

My campaign was called #bepositivebeyou. Its aim was to promote positivity via social media.

The reason for choosing positivity as a theme for my campaign was a little selfish. When scrolling through Twitter and Facebook there as so many wo is me posts, the my life sucks, I hate the world or Brexit etc. The posts that made me pause and read were the ones which offered a little light and inspiration, or the ones which allowed gave on insight into the person behind the keyboard.

This was carried out throughout mid-March. The Beast from the East had past, but it was still grim outside.

The most popular post of the week was posted on the 20th of March:

Capture 11

Capture 12

This gave a 5.6% engagement rate.

There are a couple of reasons this as a post worked. The hash tag used was #internationalhappinessday. It was trending, with people from the world over sharing images of what makes them happy.

It also gives an insight into my life, this allows people to see I am real, therefore when I tweet about other things I become more than just a name on a twitter handle.

One of the tweets which I feel most saddened by with regard to engagement rate was:

Capture 15Capture 16

The engagement rating was only 0.6%

I feel the subject was in the moment and relevant. The impressions are reasonable.

Within the duration of the social media strategy I attempted to produce my first Gif.

It was done during our lesson of Uni. I picked a short video which featured my late dog named Bucket. He was a real character and always brought a smile to my face.

When deciding what kind of Gif to produce I was looking through at the ones which caught my eye. There seemed to be a repeating theme…animals, it didn’t matter what the animal was they just made me smile.

The clip was filmed by me a couple of years ago before he got sick so it seemed the obvious choice.

Capture 9Capture 10

The engagement percentage was 1.9 which for a very first attempt I am relatively happy with.

Within the month of the campaign my follower increase was quite reasonable

March figures

The overall social media strategy was however more than just one campaign.

Staying with in March, the most post with the greatest engagement rate was a periscope

This post had the largest engagement rate of all my posts.

Capture 17

It was filmed during one of our news production days where, unfortunately I was suffering with excruciating tooth ache. Instead of just suffering and getting nothing out of it I decided to film my pain and what I had to do through to try and get an NHS dental appointment.

The video received 181 impressions, with 35 interactions giving a respectable 19.3%

Periscopes work slightly different to regular twitter native video’s. People who use periscope receive a notification when any of their followers are broadcasting, in addition they can use the app to actively search live video’s from across the world.

Social media is a living beast that must be constantly fed and tended to.

In keeping with my earlier #bepositivebeyou campaign I have embraced Mental Health Week.

This for me is important as it is a time to outwardly show compassion and bring awareness to something which at some point in our life will effect at least one in four of us.

This was my first Tweet.

It was very basic, plain text. The wording for this was chosen to demonstrate empathy and understanding.

The breakdown of this simple tweet is as followed (based of twitter analysis)

Impressions – 623

Total engagements – 19 (likes 7, profile clicks 6, retweets 3, detail expands 3)

Engagement rate 3.1%

The second tweet

For the second I wanted to include an image with an inspirational quote. I chose this because it was something I was drawn to personally.

The breakdown for this tweet is:

Impressions – 264

Total engagements – 6 (Likes 3, Retweets 1, Link clicks 1, Detail expands 1)

Engagement rate – 1.9%

The third tweet.

It was time to get personal. Words are one thing but to lay yourself bare for the whole twitter verse to see is scary.

The breakdown is:

Impressions – 656

Total engagements – 30 (Media engagements 11, Likes 9, Profile clicks 7, Detail expands 2, Hashtag clicks 1)

Engagement rate – 4.6%

The fourth tweet.

One of the main aims for this is to show people they are not alone, so it was time for a poll.

The breakdown for this is:

Impressions – 156

Total engagements – 6 (Votes 5, Detail expands 1)

Engagement rate – 4.1%

Overall I have been reasonably happy with they way in which all four tweets were received.

I was most surprised how well the first plain tweet was received. It was mid length but most importantly relevant, personal and used hashtags which are trending.

The personal tweet with the photo’s was the most well received. This, if i’m honest was not the most shocking discovery. It did however re-enforce the notion that people react to people.

One thing which I have noticed throughout is a kind of unpredictability of what will work and what doesnt
This Tweet of myself and KCFM’s Matt Hutchinson came in with stats of:

Impressions – 461

Total engagements – 34 (Media engagements 19, Profile clicks 7, Likes 4, Link clicks 3, and Retweets1)

The engagement rate of this was 7.1%

In contrast this is a video I took of the actual race

Impressions 955

Media Views 111

Total Engagements 33 ( media engagements 21, detail expands 4, Likes 3,

profile clicks 3, replies 1, retweets 1)

The engagement rate of this was only 3.5%

In contrast the images which were placed on Facebook as they would not load onto twitter 

alongside the same video have received no interactions.


The fairest way to compare official stats are to do like for like. This will be done using the same Followerwonk analysis tools as I used for my presentation on December. Please note that the followers quoted at the start of this reflection was the number at the beginning of this exercise, the figures here were taken approx 4 weeks in.

This clearly shows a small increase in social authority moving from 20 to 22 and a quite significant increase in followers.

Above December

Above May

The time of tweeting signifies a conscious aim to publish content when my followers are most receptive.

Above December

Above May

There has been a slight shift in the gender balance of my followers. Whilst some people may find this at a glance strange, I completely understand why this would be.

In addition to my love of mental health, I also love motor sport which is a male heavy interest. I don’t think I have ever tweeted about fashion or make up.

This is an example

The stats for this one tweet are:

Impressions 2586

Total engagements 199 ( media engagements 154, link clicks 17, profie clicks 16, likes 6, detail expands 5, retweets 1)

Total engagement rate 7.7%

This tour of the Ginetta factory in Leeds was attended by approx 200 people. I only counted roughly 20 women.

As mentioned at the start of this reflection over the past two months, due to reasons beyond my control I recognise that I have not given as much attention to social media as I would have liked however reflecting over what has been achieved I have come to several conclusions.

When using any of the platforms there really is nothing you can post that is wrong. Everyone has an opinion on something. Not everyone will agree but that is a good thing as differences make interesting conversations.

Not every type of tweet is going to get the same level of reaction. What works for one post/subject could fall on its.. for the next. That doesn’t mean you should never use it again.

Hash tags matter!! The right # could mean the difference between a couple of hundred people seeing your tweet or a couple of thousand. A perfect example is Ginetta. They are a global brand in the world of racing, tagging them in that one post took a simple group of images to a much wider audience.

My aim going forward is to try and develop more of a focus of the kind of subjects I want to tweet about, targeting more specific communities of people. However I will always be true to who I am whilst doing it.