Self-initiated: Hitting a rough patch

In the beginning there were a couple of issues relating to the change in direction of the course as a whole. These were over come and Jackie and I had a clear vision of where this project was going to go and what we were going to do.

Unfortunately things took a nose dive due to issues with student finance withdrawing our final payment.

The issue had been in the air for some time but we had been assured things would be okay.

Just before the Easter break I realised I had no assurance that my funding would be paid as usual. This began what could only be described as a nightmare.

After being interrogated and grilled and made to feel like a criminal they announced with three days notice that funding would be withdrawn – all on a technicality. I had a complete breakdown having to beg my work to allow me to go full time just so I could make my rent.

Everything became about finding money to survive and be able to live.

I have always suffered badly with anxiety and this went out of control, I suffered panic attacks and at times wondered if there was any chance of getting through this.

Unfortunately the result of this was that all my uni work including this project has been but on the back burner.

In part due to being organised before I have come up with something which I am reasonably happy with, but in fairness it is no-where like the standard I pride myself on.


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