Dissertation Ideas

One of our major pieces of work this year is preparing our dissertation proposal.

Essential this is an outline of the content of our dissertation which will be written next year.

The hardest this is thing is to chose a subject that has a reasonable level of academic research, but, that hasn’t been bled to death with people re-writing the same thing.

This is the beginning of my planning.

Dissertation Mind Map


News Day 02/02/18

My allocated role for today’s News Day was Social Media editor, the editor and early morning editor positions were both given to third year students.

The day began early as always looking for possible stories and checking what is trending.

The morning briefing begins at 9 am, at this point there was no sign of either of the third year editors. John our tutor decided as I was prepared I could essentially take on all the roles.

After a moment of panic I just followed the format that the previous Editors had used.

We went around asking what stories people wanted to cover and the multi-media which they would include.

On the whole it was ok, the usual suspects came with nothing but I had some backups, and, Danielle the one third year had a couple of back ups as well.

There were a few people I found hard work. The first story I gave one person he told John he needed to change as he ‘wasn’t interested’ in the subject. John swiftly told him tough. As it happens it didn’t pan out.

I gave him other stories and it felt like he was wanting me to tell him step by step what to do. The end result was a good piece.

There we’re a few frustrations with a couple of other people, but on the whole it was ok.

Overall the stories that were produced were good  and we hit deadline.

I feel I did OK as a first time, there were bits that I’d change but nothing to major.

John was happy with how I worked.

My Client – Jackie Goodman

After some thought, I decided that I would broach Jackie about working to help promote our degree and what it offers to potential applicants.

Client – Jackie: Head of Journalism and Digital Media @HSAD

Aim – Promote the Course and increase interest and application for new academic year.

Why – HSAD is the only college based Journalism degree to be awarded BJTC accreditation

The welcomes a more diverse range  of pupils to attend.

Smaller class size allows more access to tutors and resources.

Smaller classes allow students to me more than a name and number on a paper.

The cost is approx. £3000 per year less than Trinity or Huddersfield

Hull is a great city with reasonable living costs and great facilities

How – Conduct target audience analysis


  • Scheduled tweets at key times
  • Additional posts relating to activities such as news days, events and journalistic content
  • Interact


  • Populate the page with regular content including student work from news days


Link the Hull Central blog to a general blog about the course, what we have to offer and the students.

Have the blog linked to the social media accounts.


Creating short vids including current and past students talking about what they love about the course and what they have gone on to do.

These can be posted on all social media including a YouTube Channel.

Visit Colleges which teach media related subjects in Hull:

Speak to schools and if possible go along and chat to the students about the course and what it has to offer



Self-initiated project – Client

Our self-initiated project is as it says a project which we work with a client.

The project is a collaboration between the client and I. Suggestions should  be put forward form both parties with a conclusion being draw based on the needs of the client and the ability of the student.

Documentation is required of all levels of planning including gantt charts or something similar which can demonstrate allocation of time and workflow.

Meetings must all be recorded as blog posts with honest reflections about what happened and how things went.



Planning Tools for Self-initiated project

When working with clients there are some tools which can be used to assist in the planning of video’s, documentaries, blog and website building.


A storyboard is a collection of drawings which show a what will happen scene by scene. The drawings can be as complex and detailed as you like. They can also include dialog boxes


Flat Plan

A flat plan is the page layout for a print publication.

It shows where articles or advertising will be placed. This dictates the size of the article, and the importance of them.

flat plan

Site Plan

As suggested this is the layout of a website.

It will show each page with the content positions.

It also shows how pages are accessed.

site plan example






Social Media Class Notes 29/1/18

This was the first lesson back after break.

We talked about the tasks required for the ongoing module.

This includes a presentation to be carried out on the 19th Feb. The focus of this is on two online journalists of our choice. The presentation should look into the content they produce and their social media activity. It should also look into why they work as they do.

We also discussed  live blogging from an event which must be linked to our blog and target audience.

The use of multi media in our posts and the withdrawal  of Storyfi.

We briefly covered elements of other lessons such as our dissertation subject and finding a client for our client project.


Industry Reflection – Fake News

Social media and search engines are the biggest platforms for the distribution of fake news. How can Facebook and Google crack down on the problem and should the technology giants have the responsibility to exert editorial control over the news they deliver to billions of people?

Fake News is defined as news which is: False, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of news reporting.

Fake News is not something new, it has been around for centuries, and is most commonly in the form of propaganda.

This when the information given out with a particular agenda, an example of this would be during election campaigns each of the political parties as a way of pushing their beliefs and policies.

Traditionally media is regulate to a degree. Printed press is gen Broadcast media has to  be impartial giving equal time and attention to all the main parties.

Over past decade or so social media has been a double edged sward for news networks.

Anyone can create a Social Media account and realistically post pretty much what ever they want.

it can give immediate access to unfolding events, and prove vital to seeing what is happening, the negative is verifying that the footage, text and images are genuine.

An article in published on the Telegraph website on 14 Nov 2017 .  James Titcomb and James Carson said:

‘Facebook and Twitter allowed people to exchange information on a much greater scale than ever before, while publishing platforms like WordPress allowed anyone to create a dynamic website with ease. In short, the barriers to creating fake news have been undone.’


During the presidential election ordinary people were unknowingly sharing ‘Fake News’ as a result trusted titles such and CNN and the New York Times were being accused of distributing it.

Facebook is trying combat use of their platform to spread Fake News.

This video was taken from and article on Forbes 

The piece explains how notifications will be attached to posts which have been disputed by 3rd parties, this will allow you to choose whether to continue with the post or not.

The is an argument that a foundation of a democratic society is freedom of speech. Fake News published an article called ‘Facebook, Google, publishers flight fake news with ‘trust indicator”

The article explains how together with 75 other companies have devised a way of identifying the media company and writers credentials . This will be done by placing an ‘i’ next to the articles which will be clickable.

By doing this the choice is that of the reader to believe or not.