Social Media Class Notes 29/1/18

This was the first lesson back after break.

We talked about the tasks required for the ongoing module.

This includes a presentation to be carried out on the 19th Feb. The focus of this is on two online journalists of our choice. The presentation should look into the content they produce and their social media activity. It should also look into why they work as they do.

We also discussed  live blogging from an event which must be linked to our blog and target audience.

The use of multi media in our posts and the withdrawal  of Storyfi.

We briefly covered elements of other lessons such as our dissertation subject and finding a client for our client project.



Yorkshire Rose Media Blog

As part of our Creative Futures Web module we are concentrating on the use of Social Media to promote a blog and create a community.

It was suggested we continue with the blog we created last year, there is a slight issue with that, mine was on weight loss and to say I’ve fallen off the wagon is prob the understatement of the year.

So may introduce you to Yorkshire Rose Media  

The Yorkshire Rose Media brand was something I came up with last year as part of a personal branding project. It has become my primary Twitter handle @yorkrosemedia.

I feel it therefore makes sense to build on this.

I love my home county and all it has to offer, I love the people and the way it has so much to offer.

I am a great believer in promoting the county and what its Cities have to offer. I am actively involved in promoting several

@HullHour HullHour logo @LeedsHourLeeds Hour logo @sheffieldHour sheffield hour logo

each of these #hours run weekly and are growing in popularity with @HullHour regularly receiving over 20,000 impressions on a Thursday night.

@YorkHour yorkhour logo1789451575..jpg is preparing to re-launch on 6th November.




Social Media Management Platform Research

When looking to promote and develop a social media campaign over various platforms there are several way in which this can be done.

1, Using Individual Tabs/Pages on a Browser

This is the most straightforward, but not the user friendly way is to have a tab open, one for each platform.

2, Using a Social Media Management Platform

The easiest way to manage multiple platforms or multiple pages is a Management platform. The issue…there are as many management as there are well…

When choosing which to choose you need to know that you want/need it to do:

  • What social media you will be using? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Do you need to interact with people in real time on the platform
  • Will scheduled messages be required?
  • Do you have a budget for

I have looked into many of these but for the purpose of this research have highlighted four:


This is a free platform that is compatible only with Twitter.

This works incredibly well if you need to interact with people in real time, it also allows you to schedule tweets.

There are a wide range of analytical tools which allow you to monitor what is going on and recognise any patterns





Buffer is a popular platform which  specialises scheduling and analysis.

It works across most popular platforms and offers a choice of plans depending on requirements.

Whilst this is definitely has its place, but does not have the same interaction availability in real time.


Social Pilot 


In a similar manor to style to buffer Social Pilot is perfect for those who wish to be pro active but not reactive in real time.

As a tool there are many functions which mean managing multiple platforms and programming messages and content cross platform.

This platform like most has a free to use option.


This is by far the best and most popular platform for cross platform management tool.

On the free version you can register upto three social media accounts and break them down into tabs as shown in the image above.

The paid accounts range from the cheapest at £16.99 per month for 1 user running upto 10 logins.


Welcome to @YorkHour

As part of my Creative Futures – Web at Uni we must develop a social media strategy for a product or service over a minimum of two platforms…I would like to introduce you to #YorkHour

This will run as a sister hour to the established #HullHour #LeedsHour and #SheffieldHour it will also be the first which I will be running rather than assisting in.

@YorkHour was first started by a marketing company called Harrison Mann and ran on once a month. The last tweet from the account was August 1st 2016.

The hour is a Twitter based product, however to increase its reach and expand on the potential service an Instagram account will be made along side a Facebook page with possible website.

The research for all platforms will consist of analysing similar hours and sites within the region, the hash tags they use and the services they provide. I will look back over the people who have interacted with the hour and see who is still active and the way in which they interact.

The aim is to create a social hour which will promote all the good things York and give people who love the city somewhere to interact with each other, promote what they are doing and can if they need to seek advice or recommendations.

There is something which is beginning to happen with #HullHour rather than being a meeting place for like minded people once a week it has grown into a place people go to for information and share their life events on a daily basis.



Advanced Social Media 28/09/17

Today was really interesting, we were looking at social media but at a more in depth deeper level.

There was an emphasis on Twitter and the importance of building a community.

An example was given of #HullHour which was great, Jools and I were asked questions about how the hour runs, and what goes into it and the kind of people it is aimed at.

The assignment criteria we covered:

  • a detailed social media strategy over two platforms for a targeted audience. The campaign should be achievable in terms of growth and collaboration.
  • research the social media presence of two online journalists and present findings to the class in January
  • live Tweet from an event, there must be a minimum of seven Tweets and include at least three of the following: photo’s, native videos, quotes, polls, visualisations etc
  • Tweet a post on four different occasions of using multimedia, include a 350 word evaluation
  • Produce a week long campaign of interest to the community. This should include multi media. write a 750 evaluation of the campaign using analytics
  • write a 1500 word evaluation of social media strategy.

I am really looking forward to this and the timing is perfect as I have a project that has just been given the green light, however because of the success of #HullHour there is, I feel anyway a heightened level of expectation.


Creative Futures – Notes – 27/02/17

Book recommendation – Entrepreneurial Journalism available on Amazon

Trumps ban of the media outlets who don’t print favourably of him, branding them ‘enemy of the people’.

spoke about the way in which Trump is being represented in the media: is he getting a fair trial my the media.

Immersive Journalism


  • relatively unknown tool that is becoming more popular
  • This is embed-able onto not .com
  • Allows images to become immersive: text hot spot’s. each spot is placed on an item and when curser is hovered over spot text or link appears. There is a paid version which allows more to be done.

Using Thinglink

Using the platform seems fairly straight forward.

Once an image is uploading you click the feature then add text, a web link or multi media image and save.

This is the kind of tool that will come in handy when trying to explain the content of an image. This could be the individual players in a sports event, the content of something, or place of interest on a map

The image I have used as a practice demonstration is one of my own.

Loving Life But Lighter Professional Blog Reflection

The professional blog i have know was not my first attempt at a professional blog, my first was called Cultured Sarah and that was going to be all things cultural around the city, with a focus on smaller events and groups who do not have the glamour of places life Hull Truck Theatre.

It was a good idea and in theory would work well, however in reality I didn’t have time to go to all the events I wanted, this was down in part to University work load. I also work 20 hours very weekend. I feel I could not update the blog as often as required to retain people’s interest and attract new followers.

To make a blog work, there has to be frequent posts, interesting articles based around whats relevant, fun and informative. I felt this was not possible at the time.

This is my new professional blog is called


It is designed to be a personal, relate-able and easy to read.

The name was chosen as it indicates that you can love life whilst loosing weight.

I chose the theme because I wanted something that reflected my  personality. It was important that the first impression they get reflects the kind of content they will find. The colours are light and the sight is informal. This reflects my writing style rather than academic and formal. It is aimed to be light and chatty with a relaxed personal tone.

When looking into the demographic for my blog I made the decision early on not to aim for a specific age range, rather people who may be interested in the subject matter. For this reason I read several similar blogs some well established and some more recent. The language used was simple to read without being to basic.

The blog is in part aimed to take you along my weight loss journey, each week I update on how much I’ve lost at my weight watchers meeting.

I write about tips and helpful hints I pick up along the way. This includes buy’s of the week and posts on well being.

I use pictures, including ones of myself as I believe it helps make the blog be seen as authentic and personable.

There have been occasions when things haven’t gone to plan. I posted a poll on Christmas vises. It got views but no-one actually took part. The reason for this I believe was due to a wrong choice of subject matter.

I tried making a cooking video. This definitely didn’t work. It was far to long, I talked throughout. There is a second demonstration video on the blog. This was filmed with planning, research and plenty of editing. This was also submitted as part of my Creative Futures Video assignment.

The figures are as follows:

Posts 30, Views 590, Visitor 277, Most Popular Day Tuesday. Most Popular Time 21.0

7 WordPress Followers, 2 Email Followers

I feel happy with this as it has only been running for a short time, in a field with so many choices.

The followers are located accross 7 countries.

The way in which people find posts is interesting.

210 followers come from Facebook readers. This is my primary social media platform. All articles are published on here, there are also groups i am a member of where I share posts.

My twitter followers are growing but slowly.

The field I am most surprised at is the search engine option with 81 hits. This proves that my Search Engine Optimisation in working.

I have had lots of positive feedback on social media from the weight watchers groups I post on.

I am very proud of what I have produced.