Immersive Journalism Reflection

I really enjoyed using these tools. Especially the Shorthand Social I think it is really easy to use and has a good feel to it. ThingLink has it’s place without question, but, I think it is the kind of tool that could work really well as part of a bigger story.

Shorthand Social

The inspiration for this piece of work came from two places, the first was Brexit, it is something which will effect everyone, and it interests me. The second came on the back of an interest in Brexit. On Journalism Day i was tasked with interviewing Jay Rayner. I had a list of questions lined up, but when the time came he only had a couple of mins so i wanted to make it count. Someone with a wealth of knowledge and an opinion on most things was stood in front of me, it would be pointless and insulting to him to ask about appearing on Master Chef, so I asked something that mattered. I asked if he if the thinks Brexit will make an impact on the Hotel and Catering industry.

When writing this i was aware that this is the kind of subject that would interest a cross section of ages, however my target would be people between the ages of 18 and 45. This age range are old enough to understand what Brexit is and what is happening, and may have voted themselves.

My only concern regarding this story was that I may have gone on one of my tangents, but I think I kept it under wraps.

I think one thing that is quite interesting is the way the two gentlemen I spoke to in the street are of the opinion that everything will be fine and deals will be  struck, however Jay Rayner believes there is an issues, and he will be looking further into it.

The structure of shorthand social lends really well to things like this, it is really easy to add the media element alongside text.

Thing Link

This was quite fun to do. Everyone loves the seaside and i was lucky enough to grow up there so I thought why not.

This age range for this is 14 years plus. It is an easy thing to use and lets you highlight key points of interest within an image.

The primary image was taken from Holbeck, at the site where Holbeck Hall use to stand. It has the best views over the bay. For the point of this exercise that was a real bonus.

The smaller pictures were added to pick out places of interest that were either on the North Bay which could not be seen but were of interest, or places i really like.

Within the tags I tried adding a couple of points relating to places that are no longer there, but hold memories. One being Holbeck Hall itself. I watched it fall into the sea, my Mum and Gran worked there so I knew the hotel and its staff. The following year I began working for the company who owned it.

The interview just added another opinion of the town.

There are a couple of things i found frustrating. Firstly when you get to a certain number of tags it is temperamental about where you can add extra. Also you are limited to the functions you are able to use without having to pay.

Overall I found both assignments quite fun to do, and will definitely be using them again.