Work Experience Update – KCFM

Great news on the work experience front, I have received confirmation from KCFM that I can spend a week with them in May.

The reason for the weight is due to them moving offices, but an email from Gemma Barber the stations lead journalist says they will be happy for me to spend time with them.

The date is to be confirmed nearer the time as I know there will be assignments due. The provisional date arranged is week beginning 3rd May.

Community Radio – West Hull Fm

There were plans for me to host my own show, unfortunate this never came to fruition.

Within the stations schedule there is a mix of local people producing content in the studio and syndicated shows produced elsewhere.

I did however spend many hours working behind the scenes helping plan and produce shows including the A to Z of music and All Number 1’s and All Number 2’s. I also drove the desk and 3 1 hour morning shows which went out live.

My roles included researching songs and compiling play lists. Getting the balance between the different decades where possible is key. Listeners very in age and taste so there needs to be balance.

It is important to get any info correct regarding songs, so time is spent making a few notes on each song.

The system used to produce the show is Myriad.

There is more to producing a show that just putting songs into the system. Within each hour there are certain things that need to be included. These include the news (this is taken form the national stations), the weather, sponsorship add’s and it is not essential but good practice to promote other shows.

Timing is key, ensuring the songs and other content fit within the time. Adds can be moved but the news is fixed. Crashing the news should not happen.

Editing is the key, fading songs in and out is a real skill. If a show is over in time it is the editing of the songs that can pull it back. Within the system each song shows the length of intro so as a producer or presenter you can clearly see the time you can speak before the lyrics kick in.

Over the weeks i’v spent in the studio must of the shows have been voice tracked, this is when a show is recorded then placed in the schedule at the correct time.

The live shows really scared me, being allowed to drive the desk, this meant that even though the songs and structure is in place, the transitions between the recorded material such as adds and music, and the live presenter output is done in real time.

I am unsure about presenting myself, but it is a possibility. I do however love being in a studio. There is something amazing about producing that is there for anyone to hear.

Up and coming work experience

I have recently been back in contact with a couple of work experience opportunities.

One is with KCFM radio station, where I am hoping to spend time with the news team, web team and production team to see exactly what goes into producing 24/7 content.

Having spent lots of time in a community station I cant wait to see how the professionals do it.

I am hoping the dates to be confirmed within the next week.

I have also re-emailed Hull Council with regard to spending time with the press team. The hope is to understand what goes into deciding what information is given to the press and what happens when information in requested from them.

Work Experience at Scarborough News

Over the course of two days work experience at Scarborough News I was able to see how a local news room is run, what goes into the production of the weekly papers.

During this time I was also able to see what happens during a visit form a government minister and Lord.

Scarborough News is owned by Johnston Press. It was also my local paper growing up, at the time a nightly paper.

There are several publications that are produced from the one office. The two primary papers are The Scarborough News and Bridlington Free Press, there is also Whitby Gazette ( there is a small office in Whitby, but final edition is produced in Scarborough), Malton and Pickering Mercury and Pocklington Post.

The morning of the first day was spent being introduced to the small team.

There is a dedicated team of two who work the East Yorkshire papers, this has recently become just one publication the Bridlington Free Press, one reporter for the Whitby Gazette, and a small team specialising in sport. There are another small team of approx 8 people to  report on the other areas which include Filey and all the villages. Within that team of 6 are 2 community reporters and 2 editors (they report events as well).

The most shocking thing is there is only one photographer to cover the entire region, he has to rely on the use of free lance photographers, the public and planning for large events.

Thursdays is also deadline day for the Whitby Gazette as it is published every Friday. This was interesting to watch as it really became a full team event. The dedicated Whitby journalist was not the only one involved, the community journalists, the editors and the entertainment lady were all writing up content.

One thing I had explained was the way in which copy for The Scarborough News is used across all the publications. The front pages are local to the specific area then it goes onto general material.

My first job was to scour the up and coming events across the region and write up NIBs these are used as fillers within the paper. I was told to find a selection of events for each of the areas including Filey, Whitby and Malton and Pickering. I was also asked to highlight the most interesting events as a base for a what not to miss over the next 6 months kind of feature where 1 event a month is picked for each location. The only thing to be mindful of was the larger events which would  be covered by the dedicated entertainment pull out.

The afternoon was completely different. Secretary of State Justine Greening was officially opening Scarborough University Technical College. She was accompanied by former Education Minster Lord Kenneth Baker. I was asked to go along to the opening, this allowed me to see what happens at such a big event without the pressure.

The running order we were given on arrival changed almost every 10 mins. It was great to be able to speak to the press team and get a grasp of what happens, and how they got to where they are.

The experience of seeing such a high profile figure up close was fascinating.

When it was time for the interview everything was prepared and in place. I observed the interview. There was only time for three questions to be asked in a time frame of 5 minutes.

Once the interview was complete it was a quick dash back to the office for the story to be written for online readers.

The following day I was asked to sit in and take notes for an interview with a gentleman who runs the local Children’s University. It was fascinating to see the difference between the two interviews. This was very relaxed, there was a definite structure but felt more free flowing. The interview lasted about 30 mins.

It was agreed that the photographer would arrange to take several shots of the children who attend, however as they are all minors permission must be gained from all the parents.

The job of writing the story was left to me. It was a feature news piece.

My next assignment was a book review.

The author was the Arch Bishop Of York who’s book contained short stories including two Scarborough residents.

I was tasked to read the book then give an overview of the book with focus on the local people.

The rest of the time was spent shadowing the editor prepare copy layout for submitted stories.

I was told at time my stories will be printed, however the timescale is unclear. The paper is only weekly therefore, news stories take president as space is limited.

Work Experience Confirmation 

Great news on the work experience front. After stressing about lack of confirmed work experience I have been offered 2 days at Scarborough News.

It’s a weekly publication that was one Scarborough Evening News.

As it’s my home town I know the patch really well.

The experience in a new room will be great

Dates are 19th and 20th Jan

Talk about Local Unconference

Birmingham City University Curzon Building was the venue for Talk about Local #TAL16.

The unconference was aimed at anyone involved with or who has an interest in Hyperlocal news.

There was no structure to the conference. At the start the group gathered in the main room. The floor was opened to people to come forward and make a suggestion for a topic they would like to discuss. If others show interest, a slot is designated.

Once all topics had been decided a time and room was designated.

I picked 3 groups to join.

The first was on Facebook news, whilst i thought the subject would be interesting as it turned out it was a man speaking about his PHD on the subject and his findings.

The second was to do with court reporting. This was really interesting discussion.

The group was only small and all aspects of court reporting was covered, including the possible developments in the future.

The third was the most interesting. It was on how virtual reality and 360 degree vids will change the face of journalism.

We spoke about the way in which when using 360 cameras the crew, instead of being behind the camera will be part of the story.

It was also discussed about the way in which people can receive news, examples of google glass was given.


Work experience

West Hull Fm has been part of my life for almost a year know but i have never had the courage to take the mic myself. After attending the monthly meeting last night regarding the general direction of the station i have acquired a show of my own.

The opportunity came as a result of my suggestion that we (West Hull Fm) attend and report on cultural events throughout the city, covering some of the may events happening within our area. The reason been it will increase our presence within the area, and offer an alternative to many wonderful music shows. As a result i was asked to develop and front the show.

Over the next week or two ideas for the format will be developed and a plan made of local events such a plays, music events, gallery openings to name a few. The aim is to interview people involved i the events and give a overview of whats people can expect from it. I will also be promoting up and coming events to allow people to book a space in their diary.

The day and time of broadcast is yet to be confirmed as it is hoped we will be able to have live interactions in the studio. To support the show the reviews, interviews and listings of events will be uploading onto a blog i will be creating. This blog will in addition contribute to the Creative Futures Web module.