Work Experience: KCFM 03/10/17

Another amazing day at the station, it really is the best day of the week.

The day began with a briefing from our lovely news manager Mrs Gemma Barber.

The first job of the day was to go to an interview I had arranged the previous week with Dave Windass who is one of the organisers of the Hull Heads Up Festival which starts next week.

Dom Ellis drove me but I led the interview and planned all the questions. The feedback from Dom afterwards was really positive.

On the way back we called into a shopping area of Anlaby to do some vox pops on breast cancer awareness in men.

After calling back to the office and doing some research for another story Dom and I were on the road again this to the KC stadium to interview a couple of ladies at a sustainable food conference. There wasnt a great media presence at the event, only ourselves and Dan Kemp from Estuary TV.

Once we got back I have the Dave Windass story to turn around, the tricky thing was to find a news angle and not to make it sound like an advert. I found 2 strong edits and wrote the copy around them.

There is something special about spending regular time with a group of people you really admire, it makes you want to push yourself more and step up.

Bring on next week

The Archbishop of York blesses new school

As part of my work experience at That’s York TV I was asked to go to the official opening and blessing of the Minster School’s new Nursery building in the restored ‘White House’

The brief was to film and edit a package for the evening TV news broadcast.

There were a couple of little obstacles to over come the main being that I broke my tripod so had to free hand things.

The editing was quite interesting as the Archbishop was very animated, providing plenty of quality footage.

The white flashes at the cuts were the choice of the editor, i would have preferred a softer cross fade.


Work Experience – A new TV challenge

After several weeks of trying I have finally managed to secure a weeks work experience with a TV company.
That’s York is a Free View station that is available in the York area and broadcast from York St John University.

The station is part of the That’s network which has stations throughout the country.

I’m hoping to experience what will go into the production of a news broadcast, including the writing of the copy, the filming and the editing process as well as how they find the stories, then film set to air.

I am hopeful that I will be able to assist in the production process with the possibility of producing my own package that is fit for broadcast.



Work in Local Radio – Work Experience

Some people think to work as a radio presenter all you need to do is turn up, talk a bit and play some songs, and news readers acquire reports from the likes of Sky or the BBC.

On both counts this couldn’t be further from the truth.

For the past week I have had the pleasure of spending time with the news team at KCFM. This is my local commercial station.

The reason for this was to gain work experience in a broadcast media environment, and see what goes into producing news content for its bulletin’s.

Even though I have spent time over the past 18 months in and around community stations, working with presenters I have never seen the professionals in action.

General Information

The news team is made up of Gemma – senior reporter and Dominic and Danny.

The news teams work Monday to Friday on three shift rotations 5.30 – 13.30  9.00 – 17.00 and 10.30 – 18.30

Live bulletins begin at 6am and the last live is 6pm. They are broadcast on the hour in the morning every half hour through the afternoon.


The first assignment I was taken to was the unvailing of the two new police cars ahead of the first UK Pride celebration.

The cars were decorated with a rainbow.

Gemma interviewed Andy Train a local LGBT campaigner and a member of the police.

I was introduced to both interviewees. Whilst the unvailing was taking place I took some photo’s, one of which was used on the website as the cover image for the printed story.

Once we were back at  the station it was interesting to watch and listen to the way in which the team work together.

I was shown the different software. Miriad News is used to produce bulletins. News feeds are generated automatically, copy for bulletins can be written and stored with the relevant audio carts attached. Audio can be edited through Miriad however the chosen software of choice is Cool Edit Pro  ( a version of Adobe Audition). The stations website is run through a site called

Once the team had edited and produced the news content for the unvailing, I was asked to produce copy for the website and transcribe the selected audio edits and upload to the website.

Through posts can be produced in advance and embargoed until the required time and day.



Both days were spent in the office.

Over the course of the two days I was allowed to practice reading bulletins.

I have gained a new appreciation for how technical reading the news is.

There is a strict time limit of 2 mins, and in that there must be on average 4 stories with 2 pieces of audio which last between 6 and 16 seconds.

The copy must be read at a steady pace which is clear and easy to understand. Then there is the tone, this must bring the story to life yet be easy on the ears.

The attempts were recorded then feedback was given.

On Tuesday I was asked to produce my first edited clip. I was asked to select two clips with a maximum length of 16 seconds and edit them as I felt appropriate.

This was done with relative ease. I picked the most relevant statements/answers and removed any gaps or erms and breaths from the recording.

To my delight they were received well and I was told they were good enough for broadcast.

I also added stories and transcribed audio for the website.

I conducted as my first phone interview on the subject of the Beverley Bike race.

This was then edited and copy written for both the bulletin and web.



My first Rugby press call.

Gemma took me to the weekly press briefing of Hull FC rugby team.

It took place at the training pitch and was attended by several media outlets including Hull Daily Mail (they had a reporter and videographer) and Estuary TV news.

The Head coach sat at the front and ran through injuries and team news before opening up to questions.

I interviewed someone from the RNLI over the phone regarding the lifeguards returning to Hornsea and Withernsea beaches

The rest of the day was spent editing audio for up coming story and writing copy and practicing reading bulletings


The day began with an unexpected press release from the Hull and Humberside Chamber of Commerce. A story had been played earlier on BBC regarding the tolls ending on the Seven Crossing and the forecast for increased earnings for South Wales.

The press released from the office of Dr Ian Kelly called for the same to happen for the Humber Bridge.

Gemma was able to secure an interview with Dr Kelly and took me along.

The next interview was almost straight after with the Head Coach of Hulls other rugby team Hull Kingston Rovers.

Earlier in the morning I had prepared questions based on speaking to the men in the office and reading online.

This differed from the previous day as the interviews were one to one rather than as a group.

The interview went well and all the required information was used for the sports report.

The rest of the day was used helping the team and bulletin practice.


It was very sad to be leaving, however I will be returning for another week in September. I was asked if I would be willing to, when needed cover stories and help with editing as a free lancer





Work Experience Update – KCFM

Great news on the work experience front, I have received confirmation from KCFM that I can spend a week with them in May.

The reason for the weight is due to them moving offices, but an email from Gemma Barber the stations lead journalist says they will be happy for me to spend time with them.

The date is to be confirmed nearer the time as I know there will be assignments due. The provisional date arranged is week beginning 3rd May.

Community Radio – West Hull Fm

There were plans for me to host my own show, unfortunate this never came to fruition.

Within the stations schedule there is a mix of local people producing content in the studio and syndicated shows produced elsewhere.

I did however spend many hours working behind the scenes helping plan and produce shows including the A to Z of music and All Number 1’s and All Number 2’s. I also drove the desk and 3 1 hour morning shows which went out live.

My roles included researching songs and compiling play lists. Getting the balance between the different decades where possible is key. Listeners very in age and taste so there needs to be balance.

It is important to get any info correct regarding songs, so time is spent making a few notes on each song.

The system used to produce the show is Myriad.

There is more to producing a show that just putting songs into the system. Within each hour there are certain things that need to be included. These include the news (this is taken form the national stations), the weather, sponsorship add’s and it is not essential but good practice to promote other shows.

Timing is key, ensuring the songs and other content fit within the time. Adds can be moved but the news is fixed. Crashing the news should not happen.

Editing is the key, fading songs in and out is a real skill. If a show is over in time it is the editing of the songs that can pull it back. Within the system each song shows the length of intro so as a producer or presenter you can clearly see the time you can speak before the lyrics kick in.

Over the weeks i’v spent in the studio must of the shows have been voice tracked, this is when a show is recorded then placed in the schedule at the correct time.

The live shows really scared me, being allowed to drive the desk, this meant that even though the songs and structure is in place, the transitions between the recorded material such as adds and music, and the live presenter output is done in real time.

I am unsure about presenting myself, but it is a possibility. I do however love being in a studio. There is something amazing about producing that is there for anyone to hear.

Up and coming work experience

I have recently been back in contact with a couple of work experience opportunities.

One is with KCFM radio station, where I am hoping to spend time with the news team, web team and production team to see exactly what goes into producing 24/7 content.

Having spent lots of time in a community station I cant wait to see how the professionals do it.

I am hoping the dates to be confirmed within the next week.

I have also re-emailed Hull Council with regard to spending time with the press team. The hope is to understand what goes into deciding what information is given to the press and what happens when information in requested from them.