Online News Story Reflection

Initially I struggled to find a story.

There was an idea to write a story on travel issues over the holiday period, I was also researching mobile internet 4G coverage within Hull and East Riding.

The final story however picked itself. #

With the turn of the year Hull became UK City of Culture. The events of the day were amazing. I was using the New Years Day events as a whole for a different story.

The coverage of the events by The Sun and The Daily Mail together with the out pour form locals on social media changed everything.

The two national papers wrote very similar articles, both showing images of New Years Eve and New Years Day. The articles suggested that the drunken antic’s are something that can expected for the whole year.

This really annoyed me to the point I rang the Daily Mail and asked to speak to the author of the piece.

I asked him for comment on why he wrote such a story and why he used images of two different days with out making the difference clear.

The writing of a news story was not easy as I have a natural sway towards feature writing. I find it hard to not express opinion especially when it’s something I have a strong view on.

I like the online story telling tools which are available, but choosing what is most appropriate is the hard.

I do like the visual side of story telling, I think it’s very important.

Choosing the right images and tools are as important as choosing the right word, which for someone who uses 10 words instead of 2 is an ongoing challenge.

Overall I am really proud of my first online story.

It is aimed at a regional news reading audience rather than local.

The reason for this is the typical hyper local sites concentrate on a specific area for example The Avenues or Cottingham. A regional audience however would cover the whole of Hull or East Riding.


Writing For Purpose: Digital News Story

Hull Residents Outraged As Two National Newspapers Cast Shadow On UK City of Culture 


Residents of Hull do not hold back in showing anger regarding two national newspapers negative reports over Hull begin it’s year as UK City of Culture.

Resident have been quick to voice opinion on Twitter. @realHabibRahman feeling:
“very disappointed” @TheSun and @DailyMailUK
Images of New Years Eve showing drunken revellers were printed next to images of New Years Day celebrations with no explanation they occurred on different days.
Sam Tonkin  of the Daily Mail who wrote the story said:
“we are not allowed to comment on stories” he went on to say he would speak to the editor with regard to as he referred to them ‘misleading photos’.
Paul Sim from The Sun was unavailable for comment.
Towards the end of the article in The Sun pictures are show of other major cities including an image with the line ‘A man having a wee in the street in Leeds’ and  ‘Party-goers in Sheffield had no problem exposing themselves’. This shows Hull on New Years Eve act in no differently to other major cities.
During to New Years Day festivities the amount of related called to the police made:
Figures were taken form @CIJGlansfield (Chief Inspector J Glansfield) twitter post.
One party-goer who did not want to be named for professional reasons said:
“This year is suppose to show all that is wonderful in the city, and i feel today has done that”

Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew relieved as HS2 confirmed

Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew relieved as HS2 confirms route passing through Leeds.

Mr Andrew said: “This is a huge boost to the city, almost doubling the number of intercity trains, bringing new skilled jobs and adding to the reasons which makes Leeds a great place to do business”.

Leeds station will be remodelled into a Yorkshire Hub to accommodate the high speed trains alongside current local and national routes.

Leeds station is already used by over 100,000 people per day, making it the busiest in the North of England. It has been estimated in the next 30 years passenger numbers will match that of Gatwick Airport.

The improved connections will ensure faster, better connections to the rest of the country. Offering residents and business greater appeal.

Mr Andrew went on to say  “The integrated approach also means we have a real opportunity to build on the continued success of our local economy. This is a vote of confidence in the city of Leeds and the North of England”.   

The estimated growth includes 13,ooo jobs to be created as a result of the pivotal regeneration on the area. Boosting the economy for not only Leeds City but also the areas close by.

New Types of Media

The way we receive news is constantly changing and evolving.

It use to be the papers or the T.V news were the only options.

As far as newspaper publishers go they all have an online presence, with many free to view.

Online publications have also developed form needing to read on a desktop, to the everyday hand held tech we all take for granted…the smartphone and tablets.

Other news outlets have come on the back of this, such as the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed both purely online news sources.

However probably the biggest thing to come out of this is the hyper-local news sites. Often run by volunteers passionate about their local community.

These sites are specially targeted at local people who love where they live. It gives them information on events and issues that many of the traditional papers may have overlooked for news stories that appeal to their wider readership.

It is a testament to all the dedicated journalists both professional and amateur that there is such a wide choice, and more importantly something out there to suite everyone.

As long as there is a clear target audience, local, a certain age, or special interest there is something for everyone.

Making Story’s with Storify

Today we looked into Storify.

This is a social media tool which allows us to gather tweets relating to an even or subject and arrange them into a story.

It can be used across a wide range of social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and Google+

I found it really easy to use as you just drag and drop the piece you need then arrange them into order.

Using any text relating to the subject in questing is fine however if you wish to use someones pics permission MUST be given.

One of the advantages of a tool like this is, you can see a story from different angles.

It may be someone is closely involved, closer to the whats happening or knows more about the situation



Box Office Mojo:Infographic Star Wars Box Office Takings

Box Office Mojo is a website for Movie boffins. It allows us to see stats related to the movie in question. Everything from the amount of theatres shown in to production cost and budget.

Initially i had looked into the Tom Hanks film Scully as the story of a plane landing in the Hudson River was one which fascinated me. However this post has been changed, do to a conversation on Star Wars.

I wondered how the lifetime takings of the films have altered over the years.

Beginning with the original:

Star Wars 1977 $460,998,007

Empire Strikes Back 1980 $290,475,067

Return of the Jedi 1983 $309,306,177

Phantom Menace 1999 $474,544,677

Attack of the Clones 2002 $310,676,740

Revenge of the Sith 2005 $380,270,577

The Clone Wars 2008 $35,161,554

The Force Awakens 2015 $936,662,225

The results are staggering. It proves that this really is a franchise that still has the force.

The link below will take you to this graphic



[infogram id=”655c35db-8093-47b9-965b-4cecdb704465″ prefix=”7yA” format=”interactive” title=”STAR WARS TAKINGS”]