There is more to colour than meets the eye.

There are two colour palettes Additive which is used for screen output this is primarily TV and Internet or Interface products. The second is Subtractive this is used in print such as Indesign and Photoshop.

Addictive palette: Green, Red and Blue. The three colours when blended together in equal quantity create white.

Subtractive palette: Magenta, Cyan, Yellow. The three colours when blended in a digital format.

Jargon associated with colour

Hue – The mood of colour. This includes depth, vibrancy and warmth

Brilliance – How light or dark is it

Saturation – mixture of levels: white, black, grey and the addition of complimentary colours



The contrast between the darkened mountain and sky allow the vividness of the magma to stand out.

Colour wheels are the best friend of everyone involved in design. Colour creates emotion, depth and interest. However it is key to choose the right shades which compliment each other. The wheel helps with this.

basic-colour-wheelThis is a basic example of a colour wheel, outlining the minimal colour pallet.


comprehensive-colour-wheel  This is more comprehensive showing a variation on shades.

When planning an article or website, the mood you wish to convey is important. Different colours reflect different moods.

For example:

Purple is inspiring and magical.

Orange is warm and creative.

Blue is calming.