Feminism In Journalism: The Daily Star compared to Daily Telegraph

Our lesson on feminism was our one of my favourites. It was a mix of information,  and laughter. This is the type of topic that i always find splits opinion. The fantasists, the non-feminists and the ones who agree with some but not all of what they stand for.

OED Definition: ‘The advocacy of woman’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes’

We looked at the different ways in which different news papers portray woman; the Daily Star using quite explicit pics and slogans, to the Telegraph which showed nothing of the kind.

The Daily Star

When people think of the The Daily Star one of the first things that comes to mind is also one of the most controversial. Page 3 models always attract opinions, feminists  say it demeans woman and it should be stopped. Personally, its not something i get annoyed over. Personally i feel it’s up to the readers of paper, and the models who pose for the pictures. I think its important to remember that the women who grace page 3 do it through choice, get well paid and enjoy what they do. There is no-one making them do it.

The paper also contains stories with pictures of scantily clad ladies and stories of more sexually explicit content.


The screen shot was taken from the Daily Star website at 13.00 on 25/10/16.

In comparison this is shot of the Daily Telegraph take 10 mins later.